Ex-Scientologist Story #415, Lost Faith in Chicago


Excerpts here taken are from the below story about how Dave Fagen, a devoted staff member of the Chicago Org, found out the real story about what is going on inside Scientology. 

One of the reasons Debbie Cook’s infamous New Year’s Eve e-mail had such a huge effect was that it provided a look from inside at what was tearing apart the Church of Scientology.

Cook’s e-mail spelled out in high relief what ex-Scientologists had been telling us were the issues causing so many longtime, dedicated church members to flee the organization. It had nothing to do with Xenu, the jokes of late-night comedians, the constant bad press, or even the global protests. Cook’s complaints were all about a cancer eating away at Scientology from its guts: a crisis in faith over the leadership of David Miscavige.

Now, just a few months later, we have another remarkable testimony describing in even greater detail the problems facing Miscavige’s church. . .

By February 2010, Dave writes, he faced a personal crisis. Synthia, it was plain, was leaving Scientology, and he knew that he’d either have to consider for himself what had changed her point of view, or leave her.

I didn’t want to leave my wife and the idea of leaving Scientology was a completely foreign concept up until then…I had never read anything negative about it in years and I hadn’t wanted to. The idea of reading things like that on the Internet seemed like a very surreal idea to me.

Then, Dave made his own fateful decision: to trust his own intelligence and judgment. He would look at the material online to evaluate it for himself.

Do I not have the ability to judge data for myself? Why would I need an authority to tell me whether something is true or something is not true?

The result? Reading “The Truth Rundown” devastated him, Dave writes. Amy Scobee, Tom DeVocht, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun — these were not just any group of ex-church members. These were people who had been in Scientology for decades and had served it at the highest level. And they were all reporting the same thing — that Miscavige was a brutal person to work for, a man they had seen on multiple occasions assault his employees. For Dave Fagen, it rang true, and that astounded him.

I could imagine being in a state where I am wondering day-to-day whether or not I am going to get physically beaten in some way. And this is happening at Int management of the Church of Scientology!

Dave kept reading. If the church was not being honest about conditions for upper management, what else was questionable? For one, he began to realize, Miscavige’s constant claims for ever-growing expansion just didn’t add up.

The church claims that there are 10,000 orgs, missions and groups…Where are they?

Last I knew there were about 175 Class V orgs. This would mean that the Class V orgs average 45.7 missions and groups per org.

I know that for Chicago, there are about 5 missions and one field auditor that I know of who actually audits. (If it’s more, I apologize for overlooking but it isn’t much more than that).

I’ve been to Flag [Scientology’s spiritual headquarters, the “Flag Land Base” in Clearwater, Florida] and I’ve known staff members from all over the world and I have never heard of one single org having over 10 missions. And as far as “groups” are concerned, I don’t know what the church is considering a “group” to consist of, but I’ve never heard of any org that had anything that could be considered to be anywhere near 45 of them. In Chicago, I never saw anything like what I would consider a high number of highly productive field groups.

If my org had 45 missions and field groups, I’m sure that after being on staff for 25 years, I would be able to name more than 5 missions and one field auditor in the area.

My point here is not to belittle the hard-working staff members of the church, it is to get them to actually look at what is going on. The claim of 10,000 orgs, missions and groups is a false report! And that’s another extreme out-ethics indicator.

And also the church was claiming that it has over 8,000,000 members!

Let’s just say that Flag, ASHO, AOLA, AOSH UK, AOSH ANZO and AOSH EU* each had 10,000 people in their local areas that would be considered to be public of those orgs. (I doubt that it is anywhere near that high but I could be wrong. Check for yourself if you want but I’m using this as a generous assumption.) That would be 50,000 Scientologists right there. [*Acronyms for advanced orgs in Los Angeles, the UK, Copenhagen, and Australia.]

That would leave 7,950,000 members of the church to account for as affiliated with 175 Class V orgs. You know how many church members that makes per org? That’s 45,428.57 members per Class V org.

Last I knew, my org had, without a doubt, no more than 1,000 active members. And that is a very generous estimate. Sure, there may be many hundreds of times more than that amount in the Central Files, but the overwhelming majority of those folders are of people who only bought a book and did nothing further. And then I would say that there are at least a few thousand in there who once were active in Scientology but haven’t done anything in Scientology for many years. In my book, that doesn’t count, and if that’s the basis for the 8,000,000 members, to count anyone who ever bought a book or ever had even just one contact with an org or mission, or isn’t actually a Scientologist anymore, then I call that a STAT PUSH and also another false report. . .

I would think that if Scientology was undergoing “explosive growth”, that there would be some more new orgs popping up in the world. (And I don’t mean just new buildings for orgs that already exist.)…

In my org for my last 5 years on staff, I don’t recall ever having more than 110 bodies in the shop in any week and I would say most of the time it was less than 100. That is no more than it was 15 years earlier. So you need to actually look in orgs to see if Scientology is expanding, not just listen to what someone at an event says is happening. . .

I knew we were not making auditors, I knew that auditor training was virtually replaced by the Basics courses being done in the Academies…

How many Class VIIIs have you seen made in the last 15 years? Personally, I don’t know of any public who became permanent Class VIIIs within that time…

The Golden Age of Tech [Miscavige’s controversial 1996 re-working of Hubbard’s training regimens] was supposed to have solved, utterly, the problem of not being able to make volumes of perfect auditors anywhere in the world. That was the main claim. From 1996 on, we were supposed to witness and experience the biggest training boom in the history of Scientology. . .

I personally know of at least two auditors who were auditing before the release of the Golden Age of Tech who are no longer auditing. One of them was my auditor and was my personal favorite. He was told, not too long after the GAT release, that he was forbidden from auditing at all until he completed his certainty courses. He was one of the best, if not the best, auditor I have had. He hasn’t audited in about 15 years.

In the last couple of years, when I was working in the church, there was at least one major fundraiser of some sort just about every week quite in addition to the daily fundraising required…

When you donate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IAS, or when you spend late nights at great personal sacrifice trying to get others to donate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IAS, don’t you think you have a right to know exactly where the money all goes?

To read the full article go here: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/06/scientology_dave_fagen.php

Dave also has an excellent blog: http://davefagen.wordpress.com/

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Ex-Scientologist Story #414, A Little doubt can be healthy.


“This is the story of Jim Little, Meshell Little (Powers), Heather Powers and grandmother, Edie Fields of St. Louis, Missouri.   This is the REAL STORY of how we went from being 22-year Scientologists to FIRST QUIETLY resigning from the corporation known as the Church of Scientology on June 29, 2010, then being declared SP’s (Suppressive People) on October 21, 2010 – to now speaking out broadly to expose the truth of the whole story.”

Stories of former Scientologists who were once dedicated followers now litter the Internet.  Over the years these once devout members have been bullied into giving every cent that they could beg, borrow, or in some cases, steal.  The pressure for money was ending.  And if the tech was delivered in a shoddy way whose fault was it?  Not the leadership’s of course.  Here are some of their complaints. 

“1. If it’s absolutely vital that we get 10,000 people auditing on OTVII – then why is the pricing of Scientology out of reach for the majority of the population?

2.  In the early 70’s the cost of ALL the OT levels (if purchased in a package) was $2500 – today it’s close to $500,000 when all is said and done.  What level of inflation is that?

3.  In answer to the “pricing” questions, we’ve been told it’s because Scientology is for “the able” – however, we don’t think one can judge ability by someone’s bank account. Some of the biggest SPs on the planet are very wealthy.

4.  In the inner circle, org staff are considered some of the most able on the planet – yet, if they are no longer on staff and don’t make enough to quickly pay for their bridge, does that mean they are no longer the “able” we want up at the top of the bridge??

5. We heard from personal friends that in the 70’s orgs (and missions) were bursting at the seams. LRH went off the lines, odd things started happening and the orgs started shrinking.  Reports went to LRH that David Mayo was an SP – he was declared and gotten off the lines.  At that point, orgs should have had huge expansion and grown even bigger; however they did not stably grow. Really?  Well, have you ever seen an org bursting at the seams since 1982?

6.  Just 3-4 years after LRH died, and with David Miscavige fully in control, orgs have continued to shrink over the long term.  We are told Scientology is expanding.  Are we to honestly believe that St. Louis org is the only one that has NOT grown in 20 years? I mean stably grown.  I’m not talking about the staff count hitting 50, because you turn around and it’s down again.  The overall stats at STL are NOT on an uptrend over the past 20 years AT ALL. In fact, stats have been emergency since the 70’s, with some stats, like GI actually in danger and non e.  This is denied.  However, there is nobody who can prove that the stats are expanding.  But let’s don’t forget, we have eyes and we have observation AND we have been around for 22 years!

7.  We find it most disturbing that “Scientology has the ONLY workable admin tech on the planet” yet it isn’t working to expand Scientology at the org level.  Want more proof?  Why is everyone donating every penny, nickel and dime to Ideal Orgs?  Why can’t the expanding org, that is delivering more and more auditing and training over that last 22 years afford to just expand up to a larger and nicer location?  Why does the org have to resort to “fundraising” all the while the staff is paid far below the poverty level?

8. It’s completely suppressive that staff, considered by most to be the hardest working people on the planet and doing the most important thing for mankind – are paid next to nothing.  Pay in class V orgs is so low that it’s impossible to recruit a large staff of competent people (and keep them) because you’re asking them to come on board below the poverty level.  A new recruit who doesn’t have someone else who supports them, won’t even be able to afford to buy groceries, and this hasn’t changed in 20 years.  If this is the most important activity on the planet – does this make sense to you?  It seems to us that LRH never intended it to be this way.  He says flourish and prosper, survive in abundance!

9. Very young adults (teenagers) seem to fit the bill well. These children are expected to be “instant adults” and are called “thetans” when in fact, it’s not likely they remember the wisdom of their very last life, and most lack the true wisdom of adults. These young adults have a hard time controlling their own determinism, lacking KRC with life. However, they are easy to indoctrinate into a way of thinking they should do what they do “for the cause” for free, and even if it costs them money to be there.  Having a education is secondary to the org’s purpose, and they end up raised as a staff member with little outside world experience.  We find this to be an oddly weird.  These children are “playing office” while they are getting “trained up” and robotically wielding lightning bolts over all pubic.  Dangerous combination!

10. The Sea Org cherry picks local org staff!   When they recruit from staff, they claim to “replace” them with new recruits. However, a lot of times the replacements are not viable replacements. If this game is so important and the orgs are so vital, why is it okay for them to cherry pick staff from lower orgs, leaving orgs struggling to always to get hatted up again. We find this suppressive.

11. It’s also completely suppressive to recruit teenagers (heck anyone for that matter) into the SO and then deem them no longer qualified to be on staff, anywhere – if they end up leaving, even if they wanted to join staff at a class V org!  Completely suppressive and we are horribly reasonable to not see it.

12. In the Sea Org if you get pregnant, you are off loaded and given your freeloader bill, or you always have the abortion option!  Back in the days LRH was around, if an SO member got pregnant they would be sent out to work at a Class V org until their children turned six. Now, they are simply off loaded, given a free loaders bill and told they are not allowed to ever work in any orgs. More resources, to clear the planet, down the drain. Suppressive!

13. Flag coming to class V orgs and regging org public to go to Flag to get their grades, training and do basics in addition to the flag only things…..they say they have perfect auditors and perfectly applied tech….making it feel like we are getting seconds and probably a lot of errors at an org. Even with the GAT (Golden Age of Tech).

14.  We were told “LRH didn’t write the “Disconnection Canceled” policy, but that probably “some suppressive did it and just put Ron’s name on it”.  Well isn’t that comforting?  How do we know which PLs were indeed truly authored by LRH?  Isn’t it only hearsay at this stage of the game?  That PL was written back in 1968.  How can anyone be so arrogantly certain that the “reinstatement of the disconnection policy” 15 years later, was really authored by LRH?  Think about this statement!  When LRH cancelled it in the 60’s he said we had no need for disconnection “because we now have the technology to handle every case”.  Ask yourself, does that mean that 15 years later the tech didn’t work anymore, so we needed disconnection again?

15.  We were told in the briefing by David Miscavige that LRH decided to drop his body so he could continue his research on upper levels without the hindrance of his body.  We were told he was of sound mind and the body was in good health and he was causatively doing this.  Yet, after all these years, and after all the lectures, he causatively decided to drop his body without so much as a single personal word to his “following”!  That one baffles us. Think about this.”

To read the rest of their storiy go here: http://littledoubt.wordpress.com/

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Joe Palooka vs Xenu !! Who will win??

joe palooka

How would the TV super hero from my youth hold up against Hubbard’s super villan of OT III?  I would say it would all be over if Joe got within a roundhouse right’s distance to the evil galactic overlord.

Feed Xenu with Body Thetans !!

Feed Xenu with Body Thetans !!

The OT’s of the world, the powerful thetans who are at cause over the MEST universe, might think that Xenu has the advantage.  After all, he is no ordinary evil ruler; he got rid of surplus people by tossing them into volcanos!!

For more info on OT III go here: https://androvillans.wordpress.com/category/origins-of-ot-iii/

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Ex-Scientologist Story #413, Child Rape & Neglect



Melissa Miller’s Scientology Story

I was about 13 years old when my parents’ marriage seemed to be falling apart. A friend talked with them about Scientology. One day, one of my parents left home, then returned after being away for weeks. Then almost immediately after that parent’s return, the other parent left and did not return until months later. It was a very confusing time. My siblings and I did our best to maintain a normal schedule with school, homework, chores, etc. It was also unnerving not knowing where our missing parent was or what was happening.

After the second parent reappeared back at home, we were told that said parent had supposedly found what they had been looking for all of their life. We were then told that this parent would be moving away for an indefinite amount of time. We were very confused by all of this. Our family life was radically changed forever.

Before the parent left, one of my siblings asked to go along. The request was granted. I chose to stay behind as I was doing well in school and had friends I did not want to leave behind. As it turned out, the family of mine that remained behind, and I, suffered a dysfunctional existence.

It was difficult for me, at 13 years old, to try to hold down the fort for the remaining parent. I did my best but it obviously was not enough. I would help my siblings get off to school before I left for school myself. I would help them with their homework, make dinners, pack lunches, walk to the store to buy food, clean the house, and do the laundry. I would make sure they had their baths. I had assumed the role of a parent while still being a child myself.

One day when I got home after school, my sibling who had left with the absent parent was at home. The remaining parent told me that we were going to leave with that sibling the next day to go live with the absent parent (without the parent who had remained at home). I was devastated. I did not want to leave my school or friends.

The move was horrible; by this time the absent parent, whom I will now refer to as SciParent (my version of an SP), was deeply involved with Scientology. My siblings and I were taken to a house in the downtown area of a fair sized city. This house was owned by a Scientologist and was more or less sectioned off into one apartment, a bunch of rooms for boarders, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

SciParent rented the apartment but we kids had to live in one of the other rooms. We were to share the communal kitchen (which really used to be a bedroom) and the communal bathroom. This house had probably about eight other Scientologists (besides my family) living there. They were all adults with the exception of me and my siblings, and all but one were male. I must also mention that my SciParent rarely slept at the house, choosing to sleep at the homes of Scientologists of the opposite gender.

My SciParent was ALWAYS at the org, either on course or receiving auditing. We children were abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. We were not in school. We did not have food in the house. We had to find ways to earn some money so we could have some food and pay our rent. The ones of us who were old enough would babysit. After a while, one of my siblings got a full time job at the org, a good position, too – especially for someone under the age of 18.

It was very strange; this sibling was in a trusted position. I would babysit all day, for Scientologists of course. At dinnertime, I would walk across town to the org and go to work there until I was told I could go home. Some nights this was not until well after midnight. Weekends would put me at the org, too. I did everything from going out on the streets to hand out free personality test coupons to answering the org’s phones. I was required to write letters to people who had shown even a smidgeon of interest in Scientology. I had my stats to keep up, too. I think the most I got for a week’s work (nights and weekends) was around $5.00.

There were many times when I so wanted to see and speak with my SciParent. I would ask to do so at the org and I was ALWAYS refused. My parent could not be disturbed for any reason. It was horrible. I had no parental influence, love and guidance.

One evening I wanted to go see a movie. I saw my parent coming into the org. I asked to be taken to the movie (I was still about 13 years old). My parent saw a man standing nearby, pointed at him and told me to ask him to take me. The man heard the exchange between my parent and me. He offered to take me to the movie and of course, I had to pay for my ticket. After that, he would not leave me alone. He followed me home. I would come home from the org some nights and he would be sitting in my room. He pretty much stalked me. Then one night when my siblings and parent were not at the house, he raped me.

I was still a virgin at the time and did not know what was happening. All I know is that it hurt and I cried. When he was done, he slapped me and called me a whore. Being the weirdo he was, he then told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. He was somewhere around 23 years old.

The next evening, while I was working at the org, a man who I often worked with could tell that something was wrong. I told him what had happened. I knew that I could do nothing about it, as the policy of Scientology is to handle things internally. Even though I was not a full fledged, course taking Scientologist, my parent was. I could not go to the police. If I were to do anything, it would be to report it to the Ethics Officer, who would then handle things.

I must add that by this time I had read a great number of the books and learned the churches policies. Still, I was a child. I was scared and ashamed. I felt that it was my fault as the “church” claims that bad things happen because a person has done something to “pull it in”. Back to my trusted friend: He instructed me to have the rapist at my house the next night, which was not an issue because I could not get him to leave the house.

The next night came. I was at the house with my rapist and two others. I cannot recall who they were. There was a knock at the door. It was my trusted confidant from the org and he had about three or four other men with him. They came in and asked my rapist to step outside where they could talk. He did not want to go but after a few words were exchanged, he left. I never saw him again.

During my time working at the org, my siblings and I were being hounded to join the Sea Org. I was 14 years old by this time. I remember holding the Sea Org contract in my hands and thinking it was ludicrous to even propose a billion year contract, especially to a minor. I remember signing it while wondering, “What the heck am I doing?”

My siblings and I had eventually had enough of the neglect and forced labor. We saved up enough money for bus tickets and skipped out on the rent and went back home. Our lives there were not a whole lot better but we were back in school and around friends; and we did not have to pay our own rent.

Shortly after our return home, one parent filed divorced. For some reason, the SciParent decided to move back just after the filing. Shortly after the divorce was final and the assets divided, SciParent decided to move to another city to pursue Scientology in a different org.

This was another catastrophe. Again, we were put in a house with a bunch of adult Scientologists. Again, SciParent was absent most of the time. I again babysat for Scientologists during the day. I did not go work at the org. I felt I deserved more money for my time than the previous org had given me and I was not going to get into doing that again. Although I would hang out at the org, so I had someone to talk with and maybe could see my SciParent occasionally. I was uncomfortable being at the house without my SciParent, too.

One evening, I fell asleep on the couch in the communal living room of our house. In the middle of the night, one of our housemates raped me. There was an 18 or more year difference in our ages and I was still underage. I once again said nothing. I knew my SciParent would do nothing being that they were both Scientologists. The most that would happen is an Ethics Officer’s intervention and I would have to get auditing, which I did not want under any circumstances.

I then realized I was pregnant. I was devastated. I had been looking forward to being a mother some day but there was no way in hell I was going to have the child of a Scientologist rapist. The most difficult thing I have ever done was abort that pregnancy.

A few years after, I was being badgered by my SciParent and other Scientologists to “get on course” and join the Sea Org, reading the books wasn’t enough to appease them anymore So to get them off my back, I signed up for I believe it was the Communications Course. I think it was the second night of classes, when I just got up and walked out of the course room. Naturally, the Course Super followed me out. He kept telling me that I had a “misunderstood”. I told him that I understood completely well what I had been reading and it was a bunch of bullshit. He claimed that the only reason I would not agree to what I was reading was due to a “misunderstood”.

We argued briefly. I finally told him that the issue was his, as his MU (misunderstood) was clearly the fact that he could not recognize bullshit when he saw it. I honestly feel that I had just reached my fill with Scientologists and Scientology. I had seen enough of what it was REALLY doing to people. I was sitting on the sidelines being neglected and raped. There were long stretches of time when all I had to eat was peanut butter (no bread), or pancake mix, which I would have to mix with water only. I had to wash out our clothes with a bar of body soap in the bathtub. No one cared because all that mattered was “the greatest good for the greatest number” which was the success of Scientology.

I have extended family deeply embedded in the bowels of Scientology. I put up with my SciParent and their Scientology throughout the years. To this day, that parent is a believer. They may not be a full-fledged member, but a believer and an OT. All the money this parent made went to Scientology. We ate crap for food and could not go to school because we had to earn money for rent but there was a few thousand in my parent’s account at the org.

I learned about Scientology through careful observation with an intelligence they could not control or squash while under the duress of neglect, the deprival of an education, rape, and emotional abuse. I saw what they did and see what they are doing; I lived it. Nothing in their books can overshadow or have me forgive what I lived through. The written words mean nothing. The treatment I received means everything.

Decades later, I am still subjected to my family’s Scientology belief system. When moving to the Denver, Colorado area, I had hoped to be free of any direct influence from non-relatives who are Scientologists. Then I learned of the org in Englewood and the missions in Aurora and Boulder. I learned of Scientology trying to squash other’s first amendment rights along with all of their other injustices, thus I am moved to action. I am supportive of the Anonymous movement.



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According to people who have taken the upper level Operating Thetan, or simply “OT” courses have told of repeated cancer scares among these exalted beings.  This is at odds with their super-human status as being “at cause” over mere matter, time and space.  Here is another unsettling issue, Scientologists are getting cancer when doing the Solo NOTS auditing.  This where they get rid of the “Body Thetans,” which are the spirits of dead aliens, to depart after being stuck on the hide of the person auditing.  We are all covered, head to toe, with these spiritual vermin according to Hubbard.

So, are they trading up or down?  Is cancer better, or worse, than being infested with spiritual parasites that rob you of your great powers?? Here follows an insider’s view of the situation.  Note; Tommy Davis was a spokesman, one of many who poked his head up from the foxhole before disappearing, he was a very smooth talker.

“Hello! This thread is to answer Tommy Davis’s  glibness.

I met Tommy during my second EPF in the Sea Org (actually a 2 months Boot Camp type of EPF), he was eating beans and rice every day, washing our clothes, doing the worst MEST work you can imagine, doing pumps up for hours…because he fucked up a “VIP” cycle.

At that time he wasn’t  so proud to be a Sea Org Member, I can tell you.

Now, let’s talk about cancer and suicide on Solo Nots.  Here are some data for you guys.

There is a tag status for each Solo Nots auditor:

Green tag: audit 4 to 6 sessions daily and comes on time for his 6 months check.

Grey tag: audit less than 4 sessions daily and doesn’t come on time for his 6 month check.

Orange tag: Not allowed to solo audit because of out ethics situation.

Purple tag: Not allowed to audit because of illness or sickness.

Black tag: Disaffected with the church.

See the way it works? One starts the level with a Green tag then, depending on his “ability to be Cause over Life” one keeps his  Green tag or, follow the dwindling spiral to Black tag.

There are about  5,300 Solo Nots Auditors worldwide and about(depending on their current status):

1,000 Green tags
1,100 Grey tags
900 Orange tags
800 Purple tags
1,500 Black tags

The 10,000 on Solo Nots is just a dream. There is only 1,000 of them auditing  regularly.

I was Solo Nots D of P Europe and i personally met the following Solo Nots Auditors. They were all with advanced cancer:

• Roberto B. – Italy
• Antonella B. – Italy
• Beppe G. – Italy
• Sonia B. – Italy
• Pierluigi G. – Italy
• Bernard C. – Switzerland
• Jo R. – Switzerland
• Tasa D. – France
• Helene M. – France

There is more, but I do not remember their names.

Before I blew the Sea Org  in November 2006,two of them died of committed suicide; Jo R. and Beppe G.

I don’t know if the other ones are still alive.

The majority of the 800 Purple tags and 1,500 Black tags  are with cancer, HIV, diabetes and non optimum physical conditions.

The majority of the 900 Orange tags committed financial irregularities to be able to “pay for services and/or donations” to the Cult.

Rex Fowler is a typical Orange tag product of the Cult.

You all know the PTS/SP tech “theory”, right?

How many of them had to disconnect from their family and friends because they where the ”SP”?

Why, after an entire bridge people are still sick, ill, criminal, commit suicide, etc..?

Maybe they didn’t find the real SP yet….. or, if they did, they invalidated the read.

At one point every body on Solo Nots had to do or re do the PTS/SP Course GAT.

And the SNR C/S FSO Richard Reiss (pushed by RTC, of course) was constantly harrassing the Solo Nots C/S “because they didn’t apply the PTS tech at 100%” during their C/Sing.

Well, a cancerous tumor is not detectable by a SN C/S as far as i know!

I can attest! Beppe G. had a cancerous tumor the size of an egg in his brain while at Flag to “Attest to OT7″! I went with him to the Clearwater Hospital. He was sent back to Italy right away by RTC….

Imagine the Flap if Beppe died in the middle of the Solo Nots HGC!

These data should be widely disseminated. It’ s not a joke. These guys are really in danger.


PS: the medical associations should be aware of this data. Scientology technology doesn’t cure cancer….when a cancer isn’t detected on time, it’s too late. unfortunately, from a Scientologist view-point, a doctor is considered a charlatan.”

This post can be found here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?16796-MICHEL-CANCER-AND-SUICIDE-ON-SOLO-NOTS

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Ex-Scientologist Story #412, “There is life after Scientology.”


Out for 15 years and still alive!

Hi, my name is Skip Yarian. I was somewhat well-known to people in the East U.S. and LA.
I did my first Scn course in 1975, at the Tampa, FL mission. I later joined staff in Atlanta, and audited thousands of hours in the Atlanta area during 1984 – 1994. I was the ED of the Atlanta Org for about 1 or 2 years (it’s a blur). I regged, recruited, did finance, PR, marketing and promotion, training…you name it, I pretty much had to do it all at one time or another. That was the job, crusade, purpose line, whatever.

I was also on staff at FCDC for 6 months. If I recall correctly, I got the WDAH up to the highest, or second highest in the history of FCDC. Just mintues before we had the weekly meeting that Thursday night, an SO member ferociously blasted me for not getting the hours higher. The ferocity of that berating caused something inside me to snap. Working 15 hours per day 7 days per week, with weeks of screaming affluence (actually, the only things actually screaming were the SO missionaires in the org), and what do I get? Screamed at with such hatred and animosity that I realized the Scientology I had known no longer existed. If someone talked to me like that today, I fear my response would be much more drastic. But, interestingly, those things never seem to happen out in the real world, for some strange reason. Not without dire consequences, at least.

I blew 3 times from Scientology during my time on staff. The first was after I’d worked 16 hours per day for 11 months, no days off, including the week we won the birthday game.
I was ‘recovered’ back to staff 2 times.
The third time, in 1996, was a charm, because I haven’t been back since. That time I made sure that it would be nearly impossible to find me. And it was.

It was always a mystery to me why things on staff became more and more difficult as the years went by. After finally getting out and later finding resources online, it’s all become clear.

I’m not writing to bash the technology of Scientology, or LRH. Certainly there were some crazy things that went on. Maybe that’s not harsh enough for some.
I’ve read many of the horror stories, and have my own personal stories of neglect, abuse, deprivation, poverty and irresponsibility, which includes my own mammoth irresponsibility.
By no means am I holier than thou. But I’m sure you’ve read enough of those.

I only want to say this: there is life outside Scientology.
While on staff, I was so convinced that some horrible thing would happen if I left Scientology. The truth is, nothing horrible happened. I didn’t freak out. I didn’t go crazy, or come down with some terrible and incurable illness. I always heard that “you won’t ‘make it’ if you leave Scientology”. But that’s not true.
Any adverse effects in life were due to my own lack of ethics or inability to handle the situation. There was no big mysterious bogey man who came and took my mind and life away.

I have had to lie on resumes to fill the period I was on staff. What non-Scientologist could understand “1984 – 1994, Scientology staff member”? Leaving the church at age 42 didn’t bode well in the working world without a work history that an employer could relate to. I’ve bullshitted my way through enough interviews, and creatively fashioned a false history. Who can relate to Scientology? It was hard enough getting the people who were somewhat curious to be interested in the subject.

It did take some time to adjust to the outside world, because things had changed in the world and I wasn’t there to keep up with the changes. I joke with my friends that I missed the 80’s. It’s true.
But time has passed, I’ve been through my own personal inval and eval cycles, bounced around through various jobs, screwed up, done crazy things.
I eventually realized that I was an able person prior to Scientology, and even more able since, out of necessity.

In my opinion, Scientology technology has its merits, despite those who say otherwise. But rather than argue the point, I would mostly like to address this post to the tempted ones, those who think maybe it’s time to get out of the church.

I will say that if you are thinking of leaving the church, there’s a good reason that you’re thinking that.

Once you get online and check out some of the data out here (and there is a vast array of opinions online), you will see that there are some people who have had similar experiences. And you’ll be shocked by some of the realities that you’ve been shielded from. Be prepared, it’s not a pretty sight.

For those who have been out, this is old hat, I know. I only hope to influence someone who’s still on the fence.

There is life after Scientology.

My best to you.

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