Ass Sniffing in the Sea Org, -Ex-Scientologist Story #432


Ass and Pit smelling in Scientology.

In the later part of 1991 Michael Priv, a Russian translator in the Sea Org, (the fake military part of Scientology that delivers their “tech”) was stationed at the chief Scientology compound near Hemet, California.  This is where David Miscavige and the top members of Scientology rule their expanisve empire.  This base has become infamous in recent years due to the statements of defectors saying that conditions, at least for some, were like the gulags of Stalin’s USSR.  Michael says:

“The forever running lower conditions and failures sucked all the life out of my friends. It was just a scene of death and destruction, gloom and doom. Then shortly after I arrived, in March of 1992, David Miscavige walked into TU and went out immediately with the words “It stinks in here”. The TU execs, Tanya Alexander and Porzia, immediately lined us up and started sniffing everybody’s butts and under arms. Have to give Tanya a credit: she was blushing.”

Her sniffing was in vain however; David Miscavige had his own way to deal with smelly, and from his viewpoint, traitorous, Sea Org lackeys.  He sent in an ethics team with a meter to find out who and where the subversive elecments were.  Their effort was succesful as he recounts.

“—that very second. RTC Investigators arrived shortly after the sniffing frenzy subsided. They set up camp in our spaces, got everybody’s Ethics and PC folders out right there in front of us and started investigating the hell out of the body odor situation in TU. As a result, our professional Dutch translator, an OT and old-time Scientologist Olfert Kleveringa, whom I helped get to TU, was offloaded as a psychotic. He has been translating for over 20 years, everything Amsterdam had to deliver was done by Olfert. I’ve been there on a recruit mission earlier, I knew the score. I confronted Porzia, the TU Dir, on that point. Her reply was that Scientology failed to expand in Holland beyond a mediocre Amsterdam Org and so Olfert had no ethics protection. I bet Olfert had no idea that he was supposed to set up and run orgs in Holland to have ethics protection against body odor. Olfert was a sharp and experienced old goat so I asked him how he felt about being offloaded. He answered with a strange glint of mirth carefully hidden deep in his eyes that he had no choice because he was a psychotic. “

How did he view his time at Int. Base in general?

“No, I cannot characterize one-third of my life spent on the Base as Hell. I would characterize, or rather diagnose it, as “chronic dental extraction aggravated by severe rectal somatics.” For the medically challenged, yes, there absolutely is a medical condition of chronic tooth extraction. It is a prevailing condition at Int Base under Die Lieber Fuhrer.” 

If you want to read more of Michael Priv’s story, which is well worth the time, he has lots of very wry comments, go here: