Narconon: The Shame of Oklahoma, con’t.

July 27, 2012. story by Jeanne LeFlore.

Narconon Arrowhead Fires Two Employees While Death Investigation Continues.

McALESTER — The director at Narconon Arrowhead confirms two employees were fired  this week after the body of a young woman was found dead at the facility.
“To answer the question two staff was fired this week for poor job performance which were completely unrelated to the recent matter,” said Gary Smith director of Narconon Arrowhead.
On July 19th 20-year-old Stacy Dawn Murphy was found dead at the facility. A death scene investigation report from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation which was handed over to Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns and to the District 18 District Attorney’s office on Wednesday.
“We are continuing to talk to people associated to Narconon,” Kerns said on Friday.
Narconon Arrowhead, a nonprofit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Canadian with affiliation with the Church of Scientology.

Kerns said on Monday that the DA’s office requested the official reports on two other deaths at the facility; Hillary Holten, 21, who died in April and 32-year-old Gabriel Graves.
According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the report was finalized Wednesday and handed over to Kerns.

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You can see this story by following this link:


Warning: any statements made by Scientologists in situations like this are almost always lies.

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Narconon: The Shame of Oklahoma, Another Death.

Narconon was established February 19, 1966 as a drug-rehabilitation program based on “The Fundamentals of Thought” by L. Ron Hubbard.  Narconon’s creator was William C. Benitez, a former addict and inmate at Arizona State Prison.  It was incorporated in 1972; by Benitez along with two eminent Scientologists, Henning Heldt and Art Maren  both of whom would later join Hubbard’s wife, Mary Sue, in federal prison for their role in “operation Snow-White,” which involved infiltrating and burglarizing various government agencies.

 Anyone familiar with Scientology would instantly recognize Narconon as Scientology by another name.  The programs used are all based upon Hubbard’s teaching and include extensive use of the “E-Meter” a sort of primitive lie detector that Scientology describes as a “religious artifact.”

There are no independent scientific studies or published research to support any of the claims made by Narconon including their supposed success rate which ranges from seventy-five to over eighty-five percent depending on which Scientology publication that you are looking at.

A main part of the treatment is Hubbard’s “Purification Rundown” which consists of prolonged periods of time in a sauna and large doses of vitamins.  Despite the advances of nutritional science since Hubbard’s time the original formula remains frozen in time as a 1950’s recipe.  The idea that toxins can be sweated out is a popular folk remedy not supported by science.  Critics of Narconon point out that prolonged periods of time in a sauna could be very dangerous to people with certain medical conditions;  an observation that also applies the effects of their vitamin use.  The Department of Health, California says that these mega doses are “hazardous” and possibly “lethal.

Over the years there have been a number of strange deaths at Narconon facilities.  The most recent is a young woman who was at the Naraconon facility in Oklahoma which is called their “flag-ship” facility.  A number of newspapers have covered the story.

The following is from the July, 21st issue of Muscogee Phoenix, story by Jeanne LeFlore :

Young Woman Dead at Narconon Arrowhead.

Another Scientology related death.

A young woman died at Narconon Arrowhead.

Narconon Arrowhead is a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Canadian.

Stacy Dawn Murphy, 20, of Owasso, was found dead Thursday morning at Narconon Arrowhead.

The death is being called an “unattended death,” according to a report released from the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Murphy’s death adds another name to the list of young people who have died while under the facility’s care. Other Narconon patients who have died are Hillary Holten, 21; Gabriel Graves, 32, and Kaysie Dianne Werninck, 28.

Along with Murphy, both Holten and Graves were found dead at the Narconon Arrowhead facility within in the last year, according to a report from the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office.

The cause of Murphy’s death is not known at this time.

“The exact cause may not be released for months because of toxicological reports and the impending investigation,” said Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns.

“The case is under investigation by the OSBI,” he said.

Although details of Murphy’s death were not available, earlier police reports of Holten’s and Graves’ deaths were released, along with details of a lawsuit by Werninck’s family.

On April 11, Holten, of Carrolton, Texas, was found dead at approximately 4 a.m. in her room at Narconon, according to the report.

She had been at the facility for less than two days when she was found face down on her bed.

Less than six months earlier, in October 2011, Graves, of Kingfisher, was also found in his bed at the facility, according to the report. He had been a patient at Narconon for almost two months.

Narconon Arrowhead settled a lawsuit filed by the parents of Werninck, of St. Augustine, Fla.

The lawsuit alleges that Werninck died as a result of gross negligence, after she became seriously ill with an upper respiratory infection while under the custody and control of Narconon Arrowhead, according to the lawsuit filed in Pittsburg County District Court.

The suit also alleges that she died because of a lack of sufficient staff training at the facility and she was denied outside medical attention and prescription medication.

Murphy’s family could not be reached for comment.

Jeanne LeFlore is a writer for the McAlester News-Capital.

To see the article go here:

Her father had his say about his daughters death.  This is from Channel News 9 of July 21, story by Tess Maune,:

Father Calls Daughter’s Death At McAlester Rehab Facility Preventable

An Oklahoma rehab facility is under fire following the deaths of three patients.

In the past 12 months, three people have died while being treated at Narconon Arrowhead near McAlester.

The most recent, 20-year-old Stacy Murphy from Owasso, was found dead Thursday morning.

“This is a drug addict,” Robert Murphy said as he showed a photo of his daughter, Stacy. “It’s not the perception you think of a drug addict, and people have to realize, it can be their own child.”

Robert Murphy is coming to grips with Stacy’s death.

He said she was a vibrant, bubbly girl with the world at her fingertips — until she fell in with the wrong crowd.

“Stacy grew up in the church, she did the sports,” Robert Murphy said. “So sweet and so bubbly, you just don’t know what the struggle is that [was] going on inside of her and she was seeking help.”

Robert Murphy said when Stacy’s prescription drug addiction escalated to heroin, she agreed to seek treatment at Narconon Arrowhead, a drug and alcohol rehab facility with treatments inspired by teachings of the Church of Scientology.

“We went there for her to be cured, safe,” Robert Murphy said. “She had so much potential.”

Stacy was found dead Thursday morning.

Her father said she sneaked in drugs to the facility following a one- day visit home.

“My first thought was, ‘Well, Stacy did what she did to herself,'” Robert Murphy said. “But after hearing what [Narconon] did know, there was no reason for her to die.”

Murphy said Narconon employees knew Stacy was on the verge of an overdose, but instead of  providing her with the medical attention she needed, his daughter was put in a room and left to die.

“They did not call us as parents; they did not call a medical team,” Robert Murphy said. “There was a shift change apparently at 7 o’clock. Nobody found her until 9:20.”

Two other patients have died at Narconon this year, including another Oklahoman, Gabriel Graves.

“In Narconon’s 20 years of operation, there [have] been three deaths at the Narconon facility and those have been within the last 12 months,” CEO Gary W. Smith said in an email to News On 6. “The rampant abuse of prescription medications and drugs like Spice, bath salts and host of other designer drugs has presented new and greater challenges for treatment providers.”

The Pittsburg County Sheriff’s office, along with the OSBI are investigating all three deaths.

Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns said criminal or negligence charges are possible, though the investigation is still the early stages.

“We just hate it for these families ,” Kerns said. “I just feel for them, that they’ve lost a child.”

And for Stacy’s family, Robert Murphy said it will continue to cope, while searching for answers and demanding change.

“All I can say is it’s not safe,” Robert Murphy said. “My daughter’s death could have been prevented, easily, easily. And I don’t want her death to be in vain.

“They don’t have a physician on 24-hour staff. I’ve been told he only goes in once a week. There’s procedures that either have to be changed or this place has to be shut down.”

For the entire story ho here:

This unfortunate death took place hard on the heels of Narconon facility in Canada being forced to close,  this story dated April 21, 2012 appeared in the CBC News, Montreal:

Scientologist-run rehab centre ordered closed in Quebec

At least four clients taken to hospital in recent months

The head of a regional health agency in Quebec said he had no choice but to shut down a Scientology-based rehab centre in Trois-Rivières.

In recent months, he said at least four clients were taken to hospital because of methods used at the centre.

The Narconon Trois-Rivières is one of dozens of similar centres in the U.S. and around the world where the detox treatment is inspired by the teachings of Scientology.

Mauricie regional health agency director Marc Latour said Narconon Trois-Rivières advertised an 80 per cent success rate and charged $25,000 for its program.

Latour said the centre was dangerous for patients and violated many of the criteria regulating Quebec’s rehab centres.

He said there was no medical supervision and no scientific basis to the treatment.

Latour said patients went cold turkey, then underwent lengthy sauna detox sessions designed to sweat out drugs and took an unhealthy amount of vitamins.  An Ontario woman, who asked to remain anonymous, says her son has now been sent to a Narconon centre in the U.S. (CBC)

An Ontario woman, who asked to remain anonymous, spent thousands of dollars for her son to kick an addiction to the drug OxyContin.

But this weekend, just three weeks into his treatment, she had to drive back to the centre.

“The students had to basically get out [as soon as possible],” she told the CBC. “There was no information at that point.”

Her son and about half of the 34 people who were at the centre when it was shut down have been sent to a Narconon centre in the U.S.

The centre issued a statement Tuesday night, defending its rehab model and calling on the department of health to support more solutions, not fewer.

“People with drug problems and their families should have a right to choose the program that works for them as these days there are many good alternative programs,” it said.

The centre also said it is willing to make needed corrections.

In an interview earlier this month, a spokesperson said the centre’s treatment goes hand-in-hand with Scientology teachings, and 1,200 addicts have left the centre drug-free since it opened in 2005.

For the rest of this story go here:

For a more comprehensive look at Narconon follow this link:

Bogus “tech” is just a scam.

Here is what the Wikipedia had to say about Narconon.

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Alexander Jentzsch’s Death “Suspicious.” Will the truth be found??

Alexander is dead; his father is in “the hole.” Wonderful Scientology.

The story of how Alexander Jentzsch as reported thus far seems little less than incredible.  Here is what reporter Tony Ortega had to say in his Village Voice Scientology blog Running Scared dated July 18th.

“Alexander Jentzsch, 27, had been staying at the home of his in-laws. LA Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told Karen de la Carriere that on Monday, July 2, the in-laws had noticed Jentzsch still in bed at about 9 am when they left their house. Twelve hours later, when they returned, Jentzsch had not moved, but they did not check on him. The next morning, on July 3, when they saw that Jentzsch was still in the same position, the father-in-law checked on him and found him unresponsive.

At that point, Karen says Winter told her, the father-in-law then took a child to school and only after he returned and still found Jentzsch unresponsive did he call 9-1-1.

In addition, Karen says the coroner has complained to her that he is not getting cooperation from Jentzsch’s wife. “Ed Winter told us that Alexander’s wife is not returning his phone calls,” she says.

RadarOnline reports that Winter said the LAPD is now getting involved to investigate the death.

“Why on earth would you take a child to school first?” De la Carriere says. “They told the coroner that Alexander had been excessively drinking alcohol and over-self-medicating. If they knew that he was self-medicating, then why didn’t they do anything when he didn’t move in his bed for 24 hours?”

Scientologists who turn up dead get short-shrift from their erstwhile comrades; especially if there is anything involving negligence or a massive failure of the tech.  Although Hubbard had claimed right away in his book Dianeticsthat his methods could cure cancer and just about any other disease that you could think of, the fact remains that Scientologists are not known for their longevity any more than they are known for their superior intelligence.

There are no lack of suspicious deaths in Scientology; the most blatant example of death by Hubbard tech is Lisa McPherson who died not long after reaching the state of “Clear.”  Her death was not only tragic but it set a new record in lying by Scientology.  If you know anything about this cult you will know that reaching a new level of lying takes a lot.  The truth is that Scientologists are so arrogant the feel that they don’t owe the rest of the world anything; that includes both facts and truth.

Another victim of Hubbard’s “tech.”

Meanwhile, I have heard that Heber Jentzsch was let out of “the hole” long enough to appear at the memorial service for his son before being hauled back to durance vile.  It must be hard for a man of his years and dedication to Scientology to have little Davy Miscavige as his jailer.  Here former Flag Captain Debbie Cook tells just how bad things are in the Scientology prison.

Heber in better times.

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Another Death in Scientology; Mother Kept From Seeing Son’s Body.

 Alexander Jentzsch, 27, the son of prominent Scientologist Heber Jentzsch, died under mysterious circumstances recently.  His mother, former Scientology member Karen de la Carriere, was prevented from seeing her son’s body by Alexander’s wife.  The remains were at the Los Angeles County morgue.  Nothing is known at this time as to the reason for the untimely death of this young man but Scientology is known not to spend much money on doctors for their staff members.  He was a member of the paramilitary group known as the “Sea Org,” who run the operations of Scientology.

His father, Heber Jentzsch, was a high-profile member of Scientology for many years serving in a variety of capacities most recently as “President” of Scientology International.  He has not been seen in public since 2004.  Former high-ranking Scientologists say that he is being held in durance vile at “The Hole,” -a miserable, bug-infested habitat at a Scientology compound in Hemet, California.  For more on this missing Scientologist go to the “Free Heber,” website at:

Heber and son during better times.

 Alexander’s mother also rose high in the Sea Org, becoming a very highly placed auditor, a class XII, before she was declared a “suppressive Person,” by Scientology; she says this was instigated by David Miscavige, the dictator who took over Scientology after the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

 For more on this sad story see the story in the UK “MAILonline.”

‘I’m not allowed to see my own son’s body’: Mother’s grief as 27-year-old  son of Scientology president dies of high fever… and she finds out from a  friend days later

  • Karen de la Carriere, former wife of  Scientology president Heber Jentzsch, did not hear of her son’s death until  three days later
  • Heber Jentzsch, 76, has not been seen since  2004
  • Ms de la Carriere left the Church in 2010  and has not had contact with her son Alexander since then

Read more:

Heber is not the only prominent Scientologist to have gone missing in recent years.  David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, has also not been seen for years.  He is, by the way, the best friend of Scientology star Tom Cruise.

Do you know where Shelly is??

There are a number of theories as to where Shelly is, here is a website sample of some of that speculation:

 Recently another Scientologist of note died; former Scientology insiders speculate that death was not reported until months later because the advance courses that she took should have prevented the cancer.  Her death was covered in some detail by Village Voice Blog reporter Tony Ortega in his article dated January, 30th, 2012.

Death of a Scientologist: Why Annie Broeker, Famous in the Church, Had to Die in Secret

Annie with L. Ron Hubbard.

Last June, a 55-year-old woman named Ann Tidman died in an apartment in Hollywood.Her own sisters, who suspected that she was ill, did not learn about Tidman’s death until just a few weeks ago. They had tried to get information about her, but Tidman herself — and the church she belonged to — wanted as few people as possible to know about her fight with lung cancer.

And that’s why we’re only finding out now, months after her death, that Ann Tidman died on June 14 in apartment 336 at a complex owned by the Church of Scientology at 1830 N. Bronson Avenue, a block over from the famous Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

For those not in the church, or among its ex-members, Tidman’s name may mean little, and her death will probably not be noticed by the mainstream press. But to Scientologists, who tend to call her by another name — Annie Broeker — she was a powerful symbol for where their movement had been and where it was going.

For the rest of this sad story, complete with betrayal and abuse, can be found here:

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Katie Grabs the Wheel, Turns Off Cruise Control.

Various news sources say that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have cemented their divorce agreement.  This can’t come too soon for Tom’s best friend David Miscavige, the dictator and autocrat of Scientology.  If there is one thing that David Miscavige hates it is news coverage of his shrinking group; most news coverage is bad, very bad in fact,  Scientology exerts a fanatical control over its members reminiscent of something out of the middle ages.

Birds of a Feather.

People have been curious as to what sort of man Tom has for a best friend; here are a few more bits of information about the man who is in charge of the Sea Org, the paramilitary organization that runs Scientology.  Of great interest to “Tom” watchers is the fact that the wife of David Miscavige, once a prominent member of the Sea Org like her husband, has not been seen in public for a while.  Tom must know Shelly but so far he has not commented on where she might be found.  Story below is from The Wire Business Insider, July 3rd, 2012.

Does Tom know where she is??

Scientology Leader David Miscavige’s Wife Has Been Missing Since 2006

Scientology  leader David Miscavige is often cited as Tom  Cruise‘s best friend. He was best man at Cruise’s ill-fated marriage to Katie Holmesand once threw the star a huge birthday party.

But the numerous references to Miscavige left out one really sketchy detail:  his wife, Shelly, hasn’t been seen since 2006.

Shelly was another Scientologist who was rumored to have led the church’s search for Tom’s third wife.

According to a recent New York Post article, Shelly set up Tom and Katie:

After the Cruz breakup, the lovelorn actor turned  to his best friend, Scientology leader Miscavige, for help in finding a new  wife. The diminutive church boss, who has a notoriously volcanic temper, became  irritated with constant calls from Tom. As the head of a multibillion-dollar  operation, he felt it was below him to be seeking out women for the Hollywood  star. He deputized his wife, Shelly, to take over the task.

The New Yorker’s Lawrence Wright reported last year that Shelley has been missing since 2006 and “her status is  unknown.” Just before she went missing, she had supposedly filled several job  vacancies without her husband’s permission.

Misbehaving Scientologists have been known to allegedly be locked up in “The Hole,” a group of buildings where people are held captive. The church denies  it exists.

Miscavige also has allegedly violent tendencies, according to the  article:

Twelve other defectors told me that they had been  beaten by Miscavige, or had witnessed Miscavige beating other church staff  members. Most of them, like John Peeler, noted that Miscavige’s demeanor changed “like the snap of a finger.” Others who never saw such violence spoke of their  constant fear of the leader’s anger.

Read more:

 There is concern among dedicated Scientology watchers that Shelly might be in the infamous “RPF” (Rehabilitation Project Force) which is Scientology’s internal prison system.  Members unfortunate to end up in this evil rabbit hole endue long periods of time, years in some cases, of hard manual labor, terrible living conditions, wretched food and indoctrination methods similar to those used in totalitarian states like the old USSR or North Korea. Scientology has grown rich over the years from the fixed donations from its members; some of whom like Tom Cruise who can well afford the large fees demanded for their ” study courses.”  Less known is that they also profit from cheap slave labor.

For more about the RPF visit the web site of Jeff Hawkins, a former high-ranking Sea Org member who has dedicated his life to helping people out of Scientology.

Another Happy Scientology Marriage.  You have to see this to believe it, WOW.  Over the fence to escape.


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Tom Cruise Gets Help From Scientology On Divorce News.

Censor the Internet on Tom’s behalf.  Leaked document tell shocking story of how the cult wants to keep bad news from the Internet.

Marty Rathbun, former high-ranking Scientologist who worked for many years under Tom’s BFF David Miscavige who is the dictator of the cult, posted a leaked internal memo on how to deal with the flood of bad PR that his popped up since the news of the divorce.  Their strategy?  Complain.  The Scieno speak is heavy but I am sure that readers can figure it out.

From: Daniele Lattanzi [] Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 1:53 AM To: Ray McKay Subject: RE: Simple hatting on how to fight back on the internet and Stand Up For Your Religion

Dear Razz Line members,

I am not a big fan of media, but you may have glanced the news of the split between TC and Holmes and all the speculations around. While this is a personal matter, when people start to bring our religion into the middle and a bunch of uninformed people start to spread false datum, rumors and defame our religion it became a matter that does affect my Dynamics and I believe that affects yours as well.

Well, I am not somebody that I am going to simply stand and watch a bunch of uninformed people putting my religion under the carpet. So here is a simple hatting on how you can causative fight back and at the same time stand up and defend our religion on the internet.

Microsoft or Google or any of these big online company require that each person when create an account with them follow a Code of Conduct when they are on the internet. If there are abuse of such Code of Conduct, those website do actually invite you to report the matter to the Moderator — in other word, write the matter to Ethics.

These is where things can be turn around!

Here is a simple example on how to fight back abuse of the Code of Conduct that is happening within the Microsoft (MSN) website:

1. One of the Code of Conduct that Microsoft impose is to not “threatens, defames, degrades… an individual or group of individuals for any reason; including on the basis of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, religion; or incites or encourages anyone else to do so..”

So is you go to MSN Now – What’s Trending? you will see different articles about TC and Holmes split. The articles then ask for comment…. (Note: if the article does not show up anymore on the first page, go to the search bar and type ‘Tom Cruise Divorce’… or a similar search. You want to go where the comment section is)

On each comment if you place your mouse over it,it show up on the bottom right a tag that say ‘REPORT’.

2. Click the “Report” Tag and a small window show up. Click the tab “Send Note to Moderator”

3. Once you do that a new window show up and you can send a text of 100 character. You can write something like ‘Violate Your Code of Conduct’. “defames or degrades a group for any reason including on the basis of religion.”

The above exact comment it fit.

4. Read the comment from people and pick the ones that fit the violation of the Code of Conduct.

5. Report the Violation!! That’s it!! You are done.

6. Now rinse and repeat the same process from step 2 to 5..

Once you got the hang of it it get pretty fast and in one hour you can report of lots of these nonsense comment!

If is only one person (me) reporting these issues, the Moderator at Microsoft will not take the comment off. if you start to have 10 or 20 people reporting it, they are going to take this down.

LRH give an exact quote on the Price of Freedom that you find on Tape 1 – Transcript page 32 – The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology – ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN MIND CONGRESS. The same quote appear also in the Tech Dictionary under the Price of Freedom.

Ok – there you have it!! This simple hatting is something that you can use now for this or similar situations that may happen in the future.

Over to you! Best Daniel

 Scientology wants to protect itself from critical thinking; maybe there is a reason for that.  Here is a take by South Park on this cult.  It’s a cartoon but it is very accurate in showing just what Tom believes in.

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Tom’s BFF: David Miscavige, the Dictator of Scientology.

All Hail Xenu!

Tom Cruise has been one of the most faithful Scientologists to have ever enlisted under the tattered banner of L. Ron Hubbard.  David Miscavige, the supreme autocrat and dictator of Scientology is only to pleased to have a celebrity of Tom’s stature on his Christmas card list.  But what sort of man IS David Miscavige?  Many former members, most of them former Sea Org (the paramilitary group that runs Scientology) executives, who were high enough up in that world to have worked with him, paint a grim portrait of the man.  He is said to be a man of many moods, most of them bad.  They claim that he was a vicious tyrant with a unpredictable temper who browbeats, and physically beats, his underlings. Here is a list of some of those who have seen Miscavige in action.

Debbie Cook (former Captain of the Church of Scientology’s Flag Service Org; she had been in the Sea Org for 29 years, and was Captain at Flag for 17 years; she was at the International Headquarters under Miscavige in 2005-2007), said this under oath to a US judge: “I witnessed Mr. Miscavige physically punching in the face and wrestling to the ground another very senior executive at Scientology international level [Mark Yager]. … One time I was called into a conference room and [David Miscavige] ordered his secretary to slap me and she slapped me so hard I fell over into the chairs. [Another] time Mr. Miscavige ordered his communicator to break my finger if I didn’t answer his question.” (Source:…e-left/1214690)

Lana Mitchell Former high-ranking Sea Org member in the 1990s; also worked for several years as a cook for David Miscavige Lana said this in a November 2, 2011 Australian TV interview: “I was working in [Miscavige’s] organisation which is called the Religious Technology Center, I worked there for six years. … It would have been in 1994 in a meeting in the International Building and he struck his brother Ronnie Miscavige. He hit him with the back of his hand, right in the stomach and Ronnie wasn’t expecting it and it winded him, that was the first time. I’ve seen him do a similar thing to Norman Starkey many times who is the trustee of Scientology. I’ve seen him hit Ray Mithoff. I know I’ve heard many accounts of other instances of violence which I know would be true because I have witnessed enough myself to be able to say well you know there’s substance to that because I’ve seen and witnessed it myself. ……out-of-control see link to transcript at the end, for above quote.

Chris Guider (former Inspector General MAA [Master-At-Arms, the most senior “Ethics Officer” in the Church of Scientology International] at RTC late 1980s-1990s worked directly with Miscavige) said this on September 22, 2011 to Australian TV: “[David Miscavige] is a violent individual. … I’ve seen him physically beat one staff member, Mark Fisher, who was formerly an executive in RTC and worked very closely with Miscavige for a lot of years. And I witnessed [Miscavige] beating him. …” “[Miscavige] was standing behind a person, who was editing the . And [Miscavige was] telling him how he was doing this wrong and that wrong, and screaming at him. In the Ethics Officer role, you have this little … “riding crop” [stick] … and it’s just meant to be a symbol of authority that the Ethics Officer has. Well anyway, Miscavige told me to BEAT the guy with the stick. I looked at him and I refused to do that. He took that very, very severely on me because I didn’t just do what he wanted me to do.” (Source:…1/s3323979.htm)

 For more stories of abuse go here:

One former high-ranking member with over 20 years of service to the group wrote a book about her experiences.

Violence and Dirty Secrets at the Top.

 No Wonder Katie is scared of this cult.

Below: a former assistant to David Miscavige tells her story of abuse.  Do things like this really go on?  Once you are in Scientology you aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Want More?

This is the man that Tom sits at the table with; this is his true friend and companion.  No wonder Katie is taking her daughter had leaving.

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Why is Katie Holmes afraid of Scientology? For some very good reasons.

L. Ron Hubbard audits a tomato.

Katie Holmes has good reason to get away from Scientology.  It is one scary, authoritarian world of following orders and submission to a secretive and very greedy cult.  There is a good reason why there are now many more former members than active one.  But like a wounded vampire, Scientology is still dangerous.

 Abuse in the cult of Scientology is nothing new.  Here is an older case back when Hubbard was still alive.  The RPF stands for “Rehabilitation Project Force,” it is an internal prison system for naughty Scientologists who do things like not get enough money to satisfy Hubbard.  This woman testified at hearlings held by the city of Clearwater in 1982.

Lori Taverna was in Scientology for 17 years, part of that on staff.  She was promised that if she took a two-week course in Clearwater she would make $700 a week delivering Scientology services when she returned.  She was eager to leave NYC when she saw the brochures about the Ft. Harrison, the Scientology hotel in Clearwater, FL.  As always, the promises of Scientology were worthless.  She says, “There were ten beds in the room, four bunks on each side and, then, two bunks against another wall. The room was very small, I don’t know, twenty feet — a small room. There was no walking space. The fourth bunk was about this high from the ceiling so that — and that’s where I had climbed up to; there was no ladder.”

As for the “two weeks,” Lori said, Anyway, instead of two weeks, I ended up staying here three months in Clearwater. I had accumulated a couple of thousand dollars in debts at home because my business collapsed. I had someone running it for me, but it didn’t work out. My children had to go back to school in September. And I didn’t want to stay anymore because nothing was true of what was told to me.”

In this greedy cult the heat was always on for more money, “We had a graph of money in, and it would be — they would show us, and they would say daily, “Ron Hubbard is not happy with the statistics. The hours are down.” When the stats were down — they called them stats for statistics — when the stats were down at the Fort Harrison, the highest staff — they were put on rice and beans. They would have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were not allowed to eat any other food. When we went to the galley, we would have regular food, but the staff would have rice and beans. And this would stay until the stats went up again.”  It should be noted that during this period of time Scientology was taking in over two million a week from Clearwater alone.  But the staff sure as hell never saw any of it.

More from Lori about this Mecca of Scientology, “Specifically, as to the living quarters at the Fort Harrison — or how it was to be there as a student or as an auditor: I mentioned that it was very overcrowded, there’s ten bunks in a room. There were also many bugs in the room. There were roaches; there were ants on the sheets. There was — I don’t know what it is. It’s a very large bug that looked like a roach that would fly around the room regularly.

Speaking of the RPF, the internal prison system within Scientology, Lori states, But all I know is what I saw. I saw a few people who looked very sick. One woman had sores all over her body, open sores. I went into my friend. I asked her if I’m allowed to speak to her. She said, “You can speak to your friend, but in the RPF they’re not allowed to communicate to anyone outside the RPF.”

There is a lot more in this story concerning children in Scientology and the constant lies and abuse of this horrible cult.  If you want to know what the world would be like with these people in charge follow this link.


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