Ronnie Bell Throws in the Towel After 30 Years, Ex-Scientologist Story #418


In this blog I concentrate on telling the stories of people who have left Scientology for good.  But now and then a good story comes along from somebody who still believes in Hubbards “tech” but can’t stand how Scientology is run.  David Miscavige, the dictator of Scientology, has his own way of doing things and those ways have ruffled a lot of feathers. Here is the story of one man, Ronnie Bell, who knows what he wants and what he doesn’t.  Here are some of the salient points he made.

My name is Ronnie Bell. I am now, and will always be a Scientologist.

After about a year of searching, I found Scientology in early 1973, when I was nineteen years of age. I attended a standard Dianetics lecture at the L.A. Org, and routed right onto the Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist (Comm) course. Long story short – that course was run Flag-style, and the incredible wins I experienced made me a Scientologist for life. Although I didn’t do a lot of training after completing the Comm Course, I read most of LRH’s books, did the HQS Course, and an introductory Ethics course, all in my first two years.

Outpoints and Things That Should Not Be within the Church of Scientology”

1. By direct observation, the number of students on major auditor training courses has fallen continuously and precipitously over the last 30 years.

2. Most Int level execs known to the public, have virtually disappeared from public view. In fact, the whole of the Int Exec Strata which was widely known to Scientology public has now become virtually invisible or non-existent. Letters and KRs to individuals, posts, and offices at that level, now routinely go unanswered.

3. Orgs have become more like new car dealerships, than oases of spiritual freedom. Public are often trapped into crush sales situations by staff of every level whenever they venture into an org. This aggressive over-reach on the part of church staff even extends to parishioners’ homes and businesses.

4. HGCs are much quieter and emptier than in decades past. Again, by direct observation.

5. The practice of disconnection is in full use by church officials today, despite the policy being canceled by LRH more than 40 years ago (see RJ 68). This has been attested to by hundreds of Independent Scientologists, whose friends and family members have been coerced into disconnecting from them after they have left the corporate church.

6. Clears and OTs have routinely had their Clear state invalidated on auditing lines for close to a decade. This has apparently been done by executive order, and has no basis in the written technology of LRH. This is a monstrously suppressive act, and has caused untold anguish, hardship, and disaster for thousands of Clears and OTs. Many have been spiritually crashed by this action, including myself.

7. An unwritten rule that parishioners should ‘not look – not listen’ has somehow solidified into a tacit agreement over the last three decades. Scientologist public are often warned by org terminals to ignore widespread reports about the church in the news media and on the internet. This violates a person’s right to freely give and receive communication, per the Code of Honor.

8. As a result of this suppress on Scientologists’ comm lines, most who are actively on lines in the church have no idea of the very real outpoints and failings of church management, both domestically, and internationally.

9. The international church puts on at least four major international events each year, which is a violation of LRH policy on the subject. LRH specifically forbid such gargantuan galas, as they take staff and public away from auditing and training, and drain precious financial resources.

10. All such international events are staged for the primary purpose of crush selling the public on new books and lectures, or for donations to the IAS. This is proven by the fact that public who attend such events are routinely funneled through a physical gauntlet of registrars and high pressure sales people when these events conclude. Church staff are even posted at the exits to force the public into the crush regging area.

11. Donations to the IAS from the Scientology public now number into the hundreds of millions of dollars, but there has been little result shown for such a massive outpouring of support. The public has been told that the IAS is keeping the church safe from outside suppression, but anyone availing themselves of widespread news coverage of the church’s court battles and struggles with governments, can see that this simply isn’t so. For the most part, church parishioners aren’t even dimly aware of what a precarious position the international church is in right now, as regards its reputation and PR with the broad public. In fact, parishioners have almost no awareness of the fact that the corporate church is primarily engaged in legal battles with Scientologists who have dared to speak the truth about gross outpoints, and even crimes they’ve witnessed within the church.

12. The public has been crush regged to donate to many ‘Ideal Org’ projects around the world. They’ve been led to believe that if they provide swank new quarters for their orgs, that they will attract new public, and help to expand the Scientology religion. Neither has occurred. Every such ‘Ideal Org’ is as empty of bodies as they were before their publics set them up in much more expensive digs. Now these orgs are in even worse shape than before, because their monthly building expenses have increased many times over. This program has forced orgs into ‘having to have before they can do’, which is a complete reversal of the natural order of Be – Do – Have. The ‘Ideal Org’ program also violates several LRH advices about procuring real estate for orgs.
See HCOPL 23 Sept. 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding on org premises. See HCOPL 24 February 1964, Issue II Org Programming on demanding donations for buildings.

13. The so-called Super Power Building in Clearwater is a glaring outpoint. It has been under construction for at least 18 years now, and is still not finished or occupied. This has flapped all over City of Clearwater lines for years, and the Flag Service Org has taken a lot of heat from the city about that idle real estate. This has caused inestimable damage to the PR of Scientology, both in Florida, and around the world.

14. Those on OT VII are forced to report to Flag every six months for a ‘check’. As it turns out, this ‘six month check’ is nothing more than a Sec Check, which is not required in the written LRH materials regarding that level. It’s also inspection before the fact, which is expressly forbidden by LRH ethics tech advices. Reportedly, the cost for this service is $10,000 per intensive. Not only is it out-tech, but it’s an absolute rip off of dedicated and upstat public. It is also highly destructive to parishioners’ income production, and family stability.

15. Per widespread reports, 30 of the 54 Class XII auditors ever made, have been declared SP. All 8 of the Class XIIs personally trained by LRH have been declared SPs. It is illogical in the extreme that such a high a percentage of a single group of people, are actually suppressive persons.

16. Most of the first 100 Clears have also been declared, including John McMaster, Clear #1. Again, this is a strong indicator that the true SP is active within the church. . .

In Summary

I can no longer ignore that which is clearly right in front of my eyes. I have not-ised the many outpoints I have seen within the church for over two decades now, and have paid dearly for my non-confront of evil and my tacit agreement with the fallen state of my church.

I have taken the time to make my own evaluations of the hundreds of reports written by upstat Scientologists outside the corporate church, and have found them to be not only credible, but solidly backed up by LRH advices, policy, and tech. Most of what I’ve read is also consistent with my personal observations, experience, and reality.

The overwhelming body of evidence to hand proves to me that the Church of Scientology has been taken over and transformed into a dictatorship by one David Miscavige, and that he has turned it into his personal fiefdom. Voluminous testimony by scores of formerly well-respected, highly placed officers of the Church, tells a sordid tale of betrayal, violence, illegal acts, manipulation, suppression, lies, alterations, and outright destruction of the Church hierarchy by this one man.

It is abundantly clear to me, that this one man has quietly been destroying all that LRH, the Sea Org, and dedicated staffs built, in the 30 years before he wrested control away from the duly appointed officers of the Church. He is the primary driver of every outpoint listed in my write-up above.”

There is a lot more than Ronnie Bell had to say, go here to read the rest:

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Ex-Scientologist Story #417, Carol Nyburg (Vedder) is OUT.

You come back?  Thanks for warning me, I'll be sure to hide the silverware.

You come back? Thanks for warning me, I’ll be sure to hide the silverware.

After some 26 years in the Sea Org, most of it served running the accommodations at the Ft. Harrison hotel in downtown Clearwater at Flag Land Base this woman decided that she had enough.  It took a lot to drive this completely dedicated woman out of Scientology but David Miscavige and his minions were equal to the task.

Stories of abuse in the Sea Org, the remnants of Hubbard’s bathtub navy who deliver the “tech” to the public members, are easy to come by.  But her story of just how paranoid the cult is about Sea Org members coming into contact with any negative outside influences shows just how the already tight shackles were tightened even more by current Scientology management.  Sea Org members have less rights and human dignity than convicts in a federal penitentiary.  This story again makes the point that Hubbard’s world is not something that most of us would want anything whatsoever to do with.

The excerpts below are taken from an article found in “Scientology Cult,” website.  It was published March, 19, 2013.  Here is the link to the story.  It is a rather involved tale but well worth the time to read it.

Meeting David Miscavige

First I must tell a story that happened around 1990.  Mr. David Miscavige came to the Fort Harrison to do an inspection of the hotel.  He had several senior execs with him, one of whom was Mike Rinder.  I didn’t know enough to be frightened or on guard.  I was just myself and I was good at my job, I was good running the FH and taking very good care of my guests there.  Anyway, Mr. Miscavige wanted to inspect the Presidential Suite.  It was about 10 am.  I informed him that the guest in that room, who, by the way, lived there year round and was our highest paying guest, slept till noon and did not like to be disturbed till she called down.  The staff were very tuned into her needs and wants.  Our utmost concern was that she would have privacy when asked for and we would service her to the hilt when requested. 

Well, this did not sit well with Mr. Miscavige.  He told Mr. Rinder to tell me that I had caused “counter intention” in his universe and this was just not done. It was unforgivable. I refused to wake our guest.

Mr. Rinder, under DM’s orders, ordered me removed from post till I had confessed my transgressions by writing down 20 pages of them.  I was really shocked but also I was intimidated and one just did not speak up or speak back to senior execs.  I recall the Commanding Officer of the Flag Land Base at that time, was in charge of ensuring I got this done.  I had no idea what to write.  I just started making up stuff just to get through this.  I mean 20 pages!  How does one determine that.  It was crazy.  Anyway, I got through it and was restored to my post. 

The shackles tighten

Again, I had fun. I still had my car.  This is significant because by 1999, the staff were no longer allowed to drive our cars into work.  This apparently came down from David Miscavige, reason that there were “too many cars” taking up valuable spaces in the downtown area of Clearwater.  I really don’t know if that was true.  It was sort of plausible, so ok, I started taking the bus.  Then gates went up at the Quality Inn where I lived and a security guard was posted at the gate so you couldn’t just go shopping when you got home. Suddenly, you couldn’t go anywhere.  You could sometimes get an ok if your need warranted it but often you were turned back. When you got a day off, you could take your car out or on Saturday mornings.  Saturday morning was the time allotted to staff members to clean their rooms, wash clothes, etc.  It was a time to just get your personal life in order. Still, all the staff had to attend a roll call at 9 am in the parking lot to ensure all were present except those with an approval for time off. 

Sometimes one’s liberty only consisted of the cleaning time in the morning.  Meaning they could go do something and did not have to report to muster, but needed to be on post by 1 pm. 

Rooms were inspected and one needed to pass inspection.  These inspections got increasingly crazy as we move into the 2000s. “Crazy” meaning all clothes in your closet must be color coordinated and facing a certain direction, drawers very neat.  About once a month we would need to “de-kludge” (get rid of “unnecessary” belongings). . . .

A list of DO’S AND DON’T’S for Flag staff members came into existence sometime around this time — I don’t recall exactly when. And everyone was expected to abide by these rules.  These do’s and don’ts were not covered in any LRH Policy.  We were told that because we were at the top organization of Sea Org members, we had to abide by extra rules and guidelines for security purposes and to protect us as well.  We could no longer walk between buildings around Clearwater, we had to take a Church bus or van provided by the Church for these purposes.  If your production statistics were up, you could go to Starbucks or a local shop for a sandwich.  Eventually, no one was allowed to visit any local restaurants but Starbucks was still okay.  I used to go to the local vitamin shops whenever I could and I tried to sneak food from places. . .

Well, there were computers at the library, so the Flag security guards would take turns going to the library to stop any Sea Org members from using the computers.  I realized since leaving staff that access to the Internet meant access to email — a lifeline to the outside world.  Our communication lines were intentionally cut and we were kept in the dark. I had no idea of my rights or of the laws against human trafficking that prohibited people from being able to freely come and go. I had no idea how to access the Internet or even send an email. And of course I couldn’t ask anyone. . .

Ratcheting up the punishment

A registrar is the person on staff that gets the public to sign up for a service and gets them to pay for it.  My job was to be a registrar selling hotel accommodations.  We had the nickname of “regges”.  As mentioned before, I did that, and knew a lot of public from all over the world.  People liked coming to accommodations because I was not regging them for services or the IAS, (International Association of Scientologists) or books or anything else.  The public saw a lot of regges while they were there getting the services.  Then when I was made to have quotas to also sell books and then added to that was a quota to get donations for the IAS as well, well I became just like all the other regges.  I could feel the public looking at me like “Et tu Brute?”  I hated it and didn’t want to do it.  There was all kinds of pressure to do this.  I tried to query these quotas on several occasions to no avail.  There were some nights when a very senior SO member would literally sit in the chair next to my desk while I called all over the world trying to sell Basics.  He would just sit there and watch me.  Because he was in an upper group at the Base, I did not dare chit chat with him or try to query any orders.  There was no way I could leave until he said it was okay.  He eluded on occasion that he was not allowed to eat until our quotas in the accommodations section were met.  He was in charge of our group to ensure we were selling Basics.

There were a couple of times that I went to dinner at my designated dinner time and was met by a security guard asking if I had met my quota for that time period yet.  If the answer was no, I was not allowed to eat. For a time I stopped going to dinner and snuck in food from the canteen.  I always paid for it, but staff members were not allowed to go into the canteen for anything until after 10 or 11 pm.  So I had friends in the kitchens put stuff aside for me. 

One thing a staff member was continually threatened with was being sent to “the bilges”. This is a ship term and that is where it came from.  Staff on the ship did “bilge duty” if they had to handle some ethics situation.  As there were no actual bilges at Flag, ethics officers came up with doing pots or dishes after post for an hour, or cleaning out the garbage room where the dumpster was. When one was working already into the night, it was kind of strange.  You would stop around 11 pm, do your bilges then go back to post.  The most gruesome assignment was to clean out port-o-potties.  There were renovations happening across from the Fort Harrison, so there were port-o-potties. I wonder what the construction workers thought about really clean port-o-potties the next morning.  I did whatever I could to get out of these punishments. 

Various projects were worked up for us to do.  I can tell you another bilge experience:  the Sandcastle Hotel staff that were responsible for keeping the hotel filled especially the penthouses, were regularly sent to do dishes after hours if the penthouses were not filled.  This sometimes included me.  I was called upon to fill those rooms on a daily basis.  I didn’t like to do it because it wasn’t what people were coming to Flag and especially to the Sandcastle for. 

I can tell you that when any senior executive at Flag, not just senior execs from Int, were addressing you, if they yelled at you or gave you some order, the only acceptable answer was “Yes sir!”  If you said anything else, there was no telling what might happen to you.  In the extreme, you could be sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) for such an infraction or at least back to do more bilges or an ethics program. You could write something up on it later, but it became increasingly difficult to decide what to do with a write-up.  Where would you send it? Who would really read it or listen? You were more likely to be investigated if you queried an executive order.  I know one hotel staff member that questioned our late hours and lack of sleep.  She started looking up LRH references on sleep and that LRH insisted staff get proper sleep.  He stated on more than one occasion that lack of sleep can make a person start acting stupid.  Once in a while in an emergency it was acceptable to lose some sleep — but not on a regular basis.  As a result, she was removed from post and ended up on the RPF mainly for being mutinous — encouraging other staff to question violations of policy regarding abusive sleep deprivation and off-Policy schedules.  We were told we are spiritual beings or thetans and we are not bodies and we can really endure anything.  We could just make things go right not matter what. 

I remember some Thursdays nearly falling asleep at my desk trying to write up my week-ending report.  I remember this because senior officers or security guards would come around to ensure we were doing what we were supposed to be doing.  My junior was found falling asleep at her desk, and she really go in trouble.  I would sometimes slap my face to stay awake.

Eventually she escapes and gets reunited with her daughter.  So despite all that happened this woman still maintained her inner being against all odds.


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Ex-Scientologist Story #417, “lied to, scammed and financially raped . . .”


Charles Jeronimo had been a public member at the Stevens Creek Mission before joining the Sea Org.   In his posts about his time in Scientology he had some very hard words for the cult in general and certain members in particular.  This was posted in October of 2011:

Today is the one year anniversary of my walking up and down Sunset Blvd. blinded by tears, suicidal & having a nervous breakdown because I realised that I’d been lied to, scammed and financially raped by “Church” of $Scientology cult & (Sea Org. para-military) members Kirk Steele, Lisa Starkey, Laura Kindermann, of ASHO and Dan Bragin, & Tim Edwards of the IAS. Others include Miriam, (Bright?) IAS & Tony (last name?), public.

A few days later after this epiphany I’m ashamed to admit the so-called Asst. Chaplain the detestable Lisa Starkey talked me out of signing a Routing Form at the time. Yes, she gave me the “your eternity” bit. I was at about 49% “I don’t give a fuck, you bastards robbed me”, but, there was the other 51% of falling for the cults BULLSHIT.

I came home to Oregon in April and over the next few months tried to recover my sanity and equilibrium. It was pretty hard but I have to credit my mother for helping me to get most of the way back. It was the most difficult time of my life. I’ve never really suffered in my life until last year. What also helped was finding ESMB.

In Sept. 2011 I was feeling good enough to begin to get my money back. Thus began the current comedy. Finding the correct clown, (Adam Ghiorra)  in the ASHO circus proved a challenge. But in early Oct. the “communication” via emails began and after a ridiculous amount of passive/agressive behaviour on his part I received a wavier form signed it, notarized it and sent back. After repeatedly inquiring of the status of my money I was finally told my “terminal” is now the CVB and was told to stop bothering ASHO. They’ve ignored numerous emails, letters, and phone calls regarding how much money I have on account at ASHO. The CVB & IAS have also failed to respond.

In my last letter to ASHO & the CVB I stated that today March 13th 2012 was the day I seek to get my money back via legal means. There has been plenty of time, since October of 2011, for them to respond to me about my very basic question of how much money I have on account at ASHO. And when I’m going to get it back.

They are in violation of their own policy letters and agreements with the IRS regarding their 1993 tax exemption. As well as being a horrible corporate citizen who treat customers like shit. A couple weeks ago I obtained a lawyer and now the legal circus begins. Have it your way cult. It’s not costing me anything. I would have just went away quietly if you would simply have returned my money that was taken from me. I never would have said a word. Not now. You’ve created a life long enemy of your cult.

I’ve already been to see the local Sheriff and Police chief, they were very interested in my experience with the cult and thanked me for enlightening them with further study material on the cult’s history and tactics. Horrified by you, actually. “Church, my ass” was one comment. If you attempt to DA me with law enforcement it will fail.

Kill me? Couldn’t care less, you already tried last year with your “tech”. FAIL. Even if you succeed I’ll be back.  So send your down-stat goons. (a little Scio humor).

By all that’s holy, God, I hate you bastards. You robbed me of my dreams, you know what I mean, Kirk Steele. And you too Tim Edwards, You fucking piece of shit.

To read his full post go here:

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Security Checks in Scientology; Hubbard’s Paranoia.


L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was among the most paranoid men in the world.  He looked under every bed and around every corner to look for hidden foes.  The Communists, the CIA, various governments, mental health organization, even SMERSH from James Bond books were out to get him.  Worse yet was the fact they were constantly trying to infiltrate his operations.  So he came up with Security or “sec” checks to help find moles or double agents.  Nobody was safe from these questions; not even his closest underlings in the Sea Org or the eager young staff of the various Scientology of Dianetics entities.

Public members were in no way exempt from these inquisitions.  Of course they had to pay for the privilege of being put on the meter and asked a long string of questions.  Some of which must have been shocking to hear for the first time.  Here are some of the more interesting questions followed by a link to read the whole thing.

The Whole Track Sec Check

June, 1961

245 questions

Have you ever enslaved a population?
Have you ever implanted anyone?
Have you ever sacked a city?
Have you ever sunk, or otherwise destroyed, a non-combatant vessel?
Have you ever abused hostages, or prisoners?
Have you ever ordered, or yourself committed, genocide?
Have you ever annihilated a population?
Have you ever poisoned food or drinking supplies?
Have you ever strangled anyone?
Have you ever deliberately spread disease?
Have you ever degraded a religion?
Have you ever raped a child of either sex?
Have you ever warped an educational system?
Have you ever deprived people of hope?
Have you ever committed murder?
Have you ever destroyed a culture?
Have you ever forced anyone into an undesired beingness?
Have you ever stolen a body from another being?
Have you ever destroyed an economy?
Is anybody seeking to discover your whereabouts?
Have you ever violated a nation’s neutrality?
Have you ever broken a treaty?
Have you ever blanketed bodies for the sensation kick?
Have you ever upset an ecology?
Have you persecuted others for their religious or political beliefs?
Have you ever interfered with the free flow of trade?
Have you ever been a crook?
Have you ever obliterated a language?
Have you ever stamped out a religion?
Have you ever deliberately trained people in untruths for power, or profit?
Have you ever defiled religious places, persons, or objects?
Have you ever practised terrorism?
Have you ever done anything you would not like to think of yourself as having
done? . . .

Have you given robots a bad name?
What should others be warned about concerning you?
What don’t you trust yourself with?
Is there anything you can’t forgive yourself for?
Is there anything others should not forgive you for?
Have you ever caused equipment entrusted to your care to vanish?
Have you ever acted as a double agent?
Have you ever misappropriated equipment entrusted to your care?
Have you ever interrogated another under torture?
Have you ever caused anyone to be burned alive?
Have you ever misappropriated funds entrusted to your care?
Have you ever violated the sanctity of a herald?
Have you ever violated a flag of truce, or a period of truce?
Have you ever caused someone to be flogged to death?
Have you ever been a religious fanatic?
Have you ever assassinated a prominent person?
Have you ever blown anything up?
Have you ever violated a sanctuary?
Have you ever poisoned an atmosphere?
Have you ever set a booby trap?
Have you ever violated the established rules of warfare?
Have you ever made yourself out to be weaker than you in fact were?
Have you ever made yourself out to be stronger than you in fact were?
Have you ever promised help without intending to give it?
Have you ever abandoned your sick, or dead, to the enemy?
Have you ever failed to rescue your leader?

Johannesburg Security Check

HCO Policy Letter of April 7, 1961

100 questions.

Do you know any Communists personally?
Have you ever committed any overts on a Scientology organization?
Do you have any overts on LRH?
Have you ever had unkind thoughts about LRH?
Do you have any overts on Mary Sue?
Have you ever had any unkind thoughts about Mary Sue?
Have you ever had any unkind thoughts about Scientologists?
Have you ever betrayed Scientology?
Have you ever betrayed anyone for money?
Have you ever threatened  anyone with a firearm?
Have you ever been paid for giving evidence?
Have you ever destroyed something belonging to someone else?
H ave you ever been a spy for an organisation?
Have you ever had anything to do with Communism or been a Communist?
Have you ever been a newspaper reporter?
Have you ever had intercourse while under the influence of drugs?
Are you afraid of the Police?
Have you ever done anything your Mother would be ashamed to find out?
How do you feel about sex?
What is Communism?
Do you feel Communism has some good points?
Have you ever been a member of the Party? Do you know any secret plans against Scientology?



HCO WW Security Form 8

100 questions

What has somebody told you not to tell?
Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
Have you ever taken something belonging to somebody else and never given it back?
Have you ever pretended to be sick (ill)?
Have you ever made yourself sick (ill), or hurt yourself to make somebody sorry?
Have you ever wanted something very much, but never told anybody about it?
Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?
Have you ever refused to eat just to worry someone?
Have you ever remembered something about yourself and not told anybody, because you thought they wouldn’t believe you, or be angry at you?
Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
Have you ever told another child something that wasn’t true, just to frighten or upset him?
Have you ever bullied a smaller child?
Have you ever deliberately got another child, or a grown-up, into trouble?
Have you ever pestered older children, or grown people, who were trying to work?
Have you ever been mean, or cruel, to an animal, bird or fish?
Have you ever forgotten to give food or water to a pet entrusted to your care?
Have you ever broken something belonging to someone else?
Have you ever deliberately spoiled clothing of yours because you didn’t like it?
Do you have a secret?
Have you ever noticed something wrong with your body that you were afraid to tell anybody about?
Have you ever done anything you were very much ashamed of?
Is there anything about you your parents could not understand, even if you told them?
Have you ever failed to finish your schoolwork on time?
Have you ever flunked an examination at school?
Have you ever deliberately given a teacher trouble?
Have you ever tried to make others dislike some teacher?
Have you ever tried to make another child unpopular?
Have you ever broken, damaged, or taken, any school property?
Have you ever lied to a teacher?
Have you ever been late to school, or late to a class?
Have you ever stayed away from school, when you could have gone?
Have you ever cheated by copying someone else’s work, taking notes into an examination, or looking up answers in a book when you weren’t supposed to?
Have you ever spoiled things for somebody?
Who have you made guilty?
Have you ever done something you shouldn’t when you were supposed to be in bed or asleep?
Have you ever told others bad stories about someone?
Have you ever tried to make others believe that your parents, or teachers, were cruel to you?
Have you ever offered as an excuse for something you have done wrong that you are only a child, or that you haven’t grown up yet?
Have you ever felt that your parents and home were too good for you?
Have you ever felt that your parents and home weren’t good enough for you?
Is there anything you should tell your parents, and never have?
Have you ever done something to your body that you shouldn’t have?
Have you ever done anything to someone else’s body that you shouldn’t have?
Have you ever told anyone that you did something, when you hadn’t really done it?
Have you ever told anyone that you hadn’t done something which you really had done?
Have you ever ganged up on another child and made fun of him because he was different from the rest of you?
Have you ever made fun of another because of the way he looked?
Have you ever decided never to talk to someone again?
Have you ever made your parents or teachers work harder than they should?
Have you ever decided that you were too bright, or too smart for the other kids?
Have you ever annoyed an adult by something you did or said?
Have you ever hurt a child?
Have you ever made a child cry?
Have you ever made a child sulk?

Beyond Belief, My Secret life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.

beyond belief

Beyond Belief, My Secret life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape.

By Jenna Miscavige Hill with Lisa Pulitzer.  2013, William Morrow, HC, 404 pages.

There have been an umprccedented number of books written about Scientology in the last few years.  At one time the fearsome reputation of Scientology’s lawyers and their sinister use of the courts to persecute authors and publishers was enough to keep all but the most dedicated writers at bay.  But the question must be asked as to why anyone would waste ink on such a tiny group of past-life believers in the first place?

The one-word answer is Hollywood.  Big name stars like Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirsty Alley endorse the brand of Scientology giving it an importance it would not otherwise merit.  Every time something happens, good, bad or otherwise to one of these select Scientologists, the pot gets stirred and Scientology is again mentioned.  Reporters are often hostile to Scientology since they know, better than anyone, that the followers of Hubbard are economical in their use of truth.  The tabloids are often filled with tawdry tales concerning the Scientology stars.

Wherever Scientology is found you will see lawsuits, scandals and mysterious deaths.  David Miscavige, the dictator of Scientology, has taken a lot of heat for the oft published abuses that have taken place within Scientology but the truth is such things happened in Hubbard’s time too.  Most Scientologists know little about the circumstances of Miscavige’s rise to power after Hubbard died, nor do they seemingly care.  Yet the feeling among veteran Scientology watchers is that the crown does not fit securely on the short statured ruler’s head; there are signs of paranoia and doubt .  He is very sensitive of criticism, a trait understandable as it is a common finding among all dictators and usurpers.

A number of his family members were Scientologists who were in the Sea Org.  His father, his older brother and his wife, as well as their children had all signed their “Billion Year Contact.”  One might suppose that he would have taken care of these people and shielded them from the deprivations and abuses that are notorious in the Sea Org.  And if he wouldn’t do it for the sake of family obligations he would have done it out of self-interest.  After all, how would it look if these people suffered to so much misery that they quit the Sea Org?  Or Scientology altogether?  What if one of them had endured enough not only to quit but to write her memoirs about it?

Yet that is exactly what David Miscavige did.  His brother Ron and his wife Bitty (Elizabeth) were ruthlessly over-worked and exploited.  They were separated from each other for long periods of time; a common tactic that he used to prevent and break-up possible combinations against his power.  Every action  they took was controlled by the ultimate Scientology micromanager David Miscavige.

 He made certain that they were kept so busy with Scientology management that they all but abdicated their role as parents.  Like other Sea Org fanatics of that time they delivered their children into the care of others who used the “tech” of  L. Ron Hubbard to raise children.  The result was predictable.  Scientology; the prison of the mind then  became the jailer of the body as well.

All the cruelties that the Sea Org could boast of was employed to keep these children scared, malleable and totally dependent on Scientology were used on Jenna and her brother.  Time spent with parents was limited to begin with but over time the situation deteriorated to the extent that these children were lucky if they saw one of their parents for an hour or two every week.

 When normal children were at play Scientology children hauled rocks and dug ditches.  Where normal kids got medical treatment when they where ill the Scientology children got ethics treatment and blame.  Where ordinary children were given varying degrees of trust as part of growing up the Scientology ratted on each other with spy reports.

I could go on but there are just two points that I want to make.  The first is that this is the perfect book if you are looking for first person account of just how evil Scientology is.   If you are looking for a scholarly review of Scientology there are other books that could fit the role better than this one.

Lastly, I must say that for me the wonder of the book was not that Jenna escaped from Scientology.  No, the wonder is that ANYONE escaped it after being subjected to year after year of indoctrination.

This book gets the full five stars from me !!!

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