St. Hill Tech Masters; SPs??

L Ron Hubbard

Is Everyone Suppressive?

From 1959 until 1966 L Ron Hubbard (LRH) lived in the UK at Saint Hill Manor near East Grinstead, then world Headquarters for the Church of Scientology. What follows is a list of senior staff members at Saint Hill during that period. Thanks to pierre Ethier who compiled it, original list at

Why? The young new dictator David Miscavige didn’t want these older, more educated people looking down their noses at him.  Besides, Hubbard was gone and his tech people were more of a hindrance than a help to the new ruler.  So he simply tossed them out.

‘Declare’ is a formal in the CoS equavalent to excommunication in the Catholic Church. CoS members are forbidden from communicating with Declared persons, including relatives.
‘Clear’ is an important initiation stage in Scientology.
*** = Declared after LRH died in 1986.

LRH, Executive Director.

Philip Quirino, LRH Comm. Living under guard in reclusive retirement home.

Pat Bloomberg, Dissem Sec. DECLARED Sp ***

Peter Hemery, HCO Secretary. DECLARED Sp personal Friend of LRH

Mike Rigby, Dir Accounts. DECLARED Sp ***

Ken Urquhart, LRH pers Comm. DECLARED Sp LRH Butler, LRH pers Comm for 15 years ***

Joyce popham, LRH pers Sec. DECLARED Sp ***

Len Regenass, HCO Area Sec. DECLARED Sp

Joan McNocher, D/Guardian. DECLARED Sp ***

Dalene Regenass, Org E.S. DECLARED Sp ***

Robin Hancocks, Deputy HCO Executive Sec. DECLARED Sp ***

Frank Freedman, D/Qual. DECLARED Sp Clear #127 Class VIII ***

Betty James, Ad Council Chairman. DECLARED Sp ***

John McMaster, SHSBC Course Supervisor. DECLARED Sp FIRST CLEAR

Otto Roos, Ad Council. DECLARED Sp Clear #25 One of the original LRH trained Class XII (completed A-E of a prior Declare). ***

Pam Pearcy, Ad Council. DECLARED Sp Clear #211 ***

Reg Sharpe, LRH Assistant. DECLARED Sp Clear #7 personal Friend of LRH

Leon Steinberg, Exec Council. DECLARED Sp Clear #10 personal Friend of LRH. One of the original LRH trained Class XII ***

J.J Delance, Technical Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #17 Started Scn in France ***

Tony Dunleavy, Clearing Course Supervisor. DECLARED Sp Clear #20 ***

Connie Broadbent, Dir Accounts. DECLARED Sp Clear #29 ***

Craig Lipsitz, Qual Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #30 ***

Marilynn Routsong, HCO Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #31 ***

Brian Livingston, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #35 One of the original LRH trained Class XII ***

Herbie Parkhouse, Org Exec Sec. DECLARED Sp Clear #55 personal Friend of LRH Org Exec Sec ***

Anton James, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #53 ***

Jenny Parkhouse, Treasury Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #54 personal Friend of LRH ***

Virginia Downsborough, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #39 ***

Joe Van Staden, Treasury Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #40 ***

Sheena Fairchild, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #41 ***

Jennifer Edmonds, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #15 ***

Bernie Green, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #18

Gareth McCoy, Dissem Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #21

Dalene Regenas, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #24 ***

Felice Green, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #26 ***

John Lawrence, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #28 ***

Peggy Bankston, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #34 ***

Helen Pollen, Qual Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #47 ***

Fred Fairchild, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #49 . ***

Dorothy Knight, Dissem Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #50 ***

Judy Gray, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #56 ***

Cal Wigney, Div 6 Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #57 ***

Mary Long, Div 6 Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #58 ***

Bill Robertson, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #61 ***

Linda Nussbaum, Exec Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #62 ***

Robin Lindsell, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp Clear #73 Class XII ***

Val Wigney, Saint Hill Intern. DECLARED Sp Clear #87 ***

Edith Hoyseth, Saint Hill Intern. DECLARED Sp Clear #105 ***

Roger Biddell, Saint Hill Intern. DECLARED Sp Clear #107 ***

Cyril Vosper, Tech Staff. DECLARED Sp

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