The First Hundred Clears in Scientology, What Went Wrong??


When L. Ron Hubbard unleashed Dianetics upon the unsuspecting world in May of 1950 he claimed that this “New Science of the Mind,” was good for just about anything that was ailing the human condition.  By removing painful prior mental conditions known as “engrams,” that were stored in the “reactive mind,” your IQ could be raised, you would never suffer accidents or colds, you could, by the sheer power of your mind  remove cancer or other sorts of serious physical conditions.  In other words you would be a truly rational person with a mental powerhouse.  Before the upper level “Operating Thetan” or “OT” courses were released, this status, that went by the name, “Clear,” was the coveted end result of Dianetics and Scientology.  All efforts were directed at being “Clear” as students from all over the world descended up the heretofore undistinguished village of East Grinstead.

But “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” as they say.  How did these first “Clears,” courtesy of St. Hill Manor, East Grinstead, England, fare?  Did they win Nobel Prizes?  Were their lives free of the usual petty problems like divorce, the need for money, possible addiction problems that led to drug addiction and alcoholism?  How was their health?  Did Clears live a lot longer with their disease free lives than ordinary folk?  What about eyesight?   Hubbard said they should be able to do away with their glasses as their eye sight would improve from auditing.  People with these abilities would certainly stick out, in fact they might be hard to hide with abilities like that.  Their positive contribution to society would have been noted and lauded.

So just how did they fare? Here is some research based upon existing lists besides some research on my own.  Here are the great products of Scientology.  Oh, you had better know what the term “Suppressive Person,” or “SP”  means in Scientology.  An SP is an anti-social person who hates all that is good and by their very nature are destructive.  Hubbard claimed that these types constituted only two-and-a-half percent of the population.  A person deemed suppressive would receive a notice printed upon a particular color paper, goldenrod, that would list all of the various crimes against humanity and Scientology that this person committed.  Such a notice would be hung on all Scientology bulletin boards.  One would think that among the altruistic people taking Scientology courses such a dire finding would be extremely rare.

John McMaster, SHSBC Course Supervisor, deceased, DECLARED SP, FIRST CLEAR.*

John Imburgia, Class VIII auditor, St. Hill, DC, first Buffalo mission, DECLARED SP, Clear #2.

Pam Pearcy, Ad Council, St. Hill. DECLARED SP, Clear #3.

Pat Scrufari, Niagara Falls, Clear #4, out, deceased 2012.

Terry Milner, Deputy GO, US, “Snow White,“ deceased, DECLARED SP, Clear #5.

Anne Greig, St. Hill staff, deceased, Clear #6.

Reg Sharpe, LRH Assistant and personal friend, deceased,  DECLARED SP, Clear #7.

Alan Walter, US, mission holder, (deceased) DECLARED SP, Clear #8.

Philip Quirino, LRH Comm, DECLARED SP, Clear #9.

Leon Steinberg, former Exec Council WW, class XII, DECLARED SP, Clear #10.

John McCoy, Saint Hill staff, still in, Clear #11.

Ray Thacker, Saint Hill staff, deceased, Clear #12.

Otis Halliday, US, deceased, Clear #13.

Ralph Pearcy,  St. Hill staff, out of Scientology. deceased,  Clear #14.

Jennifer Edmonds, Tech Staff. DECLARED  SP, Clear #15.

George Galpin, St. Hill staff, still in,  (Deceased 2002) Clear #16.

J.J Delance, Technical Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #17.

Bernie Green, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #18.

Jim Crawley, UK, probably out, Clear #19.

Tony Dunleavy, Clearing Course Supervisor. DECLARED SP, Clear #20.

Gareth McCoy, Dissem Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #21.

Joan Thomas, St. Hill staff, deceased?  Clear #22.

Julia Galpin, St, Hill staff, DECLARED SP, Clear #23.

Dalene Regenas, St. Hill, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, (Deceased) Clear #24.

Otto Roos, Ad Council. DECLARED SP, One of the original LRH trained Class XII. Clear #25.

Felice Green, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #26.

John Lawrence, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #28.

Connie Broadbent, Dir Accounts. DECLARED SP,  Clear #29.

Craig Lipsitz, Qual Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #30.

Marilynn Routsong, HCO Staff, deceased. DECLARED SP,  Clear #31.

Fred Hare, St. Hill staff, still in, Clear #32.

Ellen Carder, American, went to St. Hill for cancer treatment, sued Hubbard. DECLARED SP, Clear #33.

Peggy Bankston, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #34.

Brian Livingston, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #35.

Joan de Veulle, deceased, London staff, Clear #36.

Haskell Cooke, St. Hill, Gold, out, deceased, Clear #37.

Chris Weideman, South Africa, still in, Clear #38.

Virginia Downsborough, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #39.

Joe Van Staden, Treasury Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #40.

Sheena Fairchild, Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, deceased, Clear #41.

Myra Elliott, Hawaii staff, deceased?  Clear #42.

Yvonne Gillham, St. Hill staff, deceased, Clear #43.

Pete Peterman, Hawaii staff, unknown, probably out, Clear #44.

Scott Leland, Class VIII, St. Hill Staff, original Sea Org project, suicide, DECLARED SP, Clear #45.

Helen Hancock, New Jersey, deceased?  Clear #46.

Helen pollen, Qual Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #47.

John Elliott, Hawaii staff, still in, Clear #48.

Fred Fairchild, Tech Staff St. Hill, now in the US, still in?  Clear #49.

Dorothy Knight, Dissem Staff. DECLARED SP,  Clear #50.

David Gaiman, UK, deceaced, Clear #51.

Peter Goodwin, Portsmouth, “Racket Exposed” Auditor 1968, DECLARED SP, Clear #52.

Anton James, St. Hill Tech Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #53.

Jenny Parkhouse, St. Hill, Treasury Staff. Personal Friend of LRH.  DECLARED SP, Clear #54.

Herbie Parkhouse, Org Exec Sec. DECLARED SP, (Deceased) Clear #55

Judy Gray, St. Hill Tech Staff. DECLARED SP,  Clear #56.

Cal Wigney, St. Hill,  Div 6 Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #57.

Mary Long, St. Hill, Div 6 Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #58.

Chester Halliday, US, deceased, Clear #59.

Hana Eltringham, (Whitfield) high-ranking SO member, DECLARED SP, Clear #60.

Bill Robertson, St. Hill Staff and LA.  DECLARED SP, deceased, Clear #61.

Linda Nussbaum, Exec Staff. DECLARED SP, Clear #62.

Peter Imburgia, Buffalo, DECLARED SP, Clear #63.

Marie Oaks, LA staff, deceased, Clear #64.

Mildred Mathews, Sydney staff, deceased, Clear #65.

Marguerite Wirick, San Diego staff, Out of Scientology, Clear #66.

Joan Davis, St. Hill Staff, unknown, Clear #67.

Beth Fordyce, Detroit staff, DECLARED SP, Clear #68.

Ron Pook, St. Hill Interne, still in. Clear #69.

Wal Wilkinson, Adelaide staff, deceased, Clear #70.

Allan Ferguson, Detroit staff, DECLARED SP, Clear #71.

Hank Laarhuis, St. Hill Staff, Netherlands, Clear #72.

Robin Lindsell, Tech Staff. Class XII. DECLARED SP,  Clear #73.

Claire Louwrens, Cape Town staff, still in, Clear #74.

Penny Khaled, St. Hill staff, still in?  Clear #75.

Helen Whitney, St. Hill staff, deceased, Clear #76.

Vern Gale, Interning for DC, deceased, Clear #77.

Wally Collis, Aukland, NZ, still in, Clear #78.

Joy Walter, Dallas, Tx, out since 1982, Clear #79.

Margaret Gormley, South Africa, DECLARED SP, Clear #80.

David Ziff, St. Hill Staff, still in, Clear #81.

Dick Moor, London staff, DECLARED SP, Clear #82.

Leila Flanagan, Houston, TX, DECLARED SP, Clear #83.

Pat Flanagan, Houston, TX, DECLARED SP, Clear #84.

Betty Halliday, Houston, TX, still in, Clear #85.

Ray Kemp, St. Hill, CA, early LRH supporter, deceased, DECLARED SP, Clear #86.

Val Wigney, Saint Hill Intern. DECLARED SP, Clear #87.

Tom Koon, CA, out of Scientology, Clear #88.

Douglas Shrewsbury, Seattle? Status unknown, Clear #89.

Helen Kitchin, San Diego, unknown, Clear #90.

Peter Khaled, St. Hill staff, still in, Clear #91.

Ellen Arnold, London Staff, DECLARED SP, Clear #92.

Jim Watson, Hawaii, DECLARED SP, Clear #93.

Mark Jones, London staff, DECLARED SP, deceased, Clear #94.

Douglas Hancock, status unknown, Clear #95.

Mary Edwards, St. Hill, still in, Clear #96.

Norma Maier, Hawaii, deceased, Clear #97.

Linda Munk, Toronto, out of Scientology, Clear #98.

Bert Rossouw, St. Hill, out of Scientology, Clear #99.

Dave Hunter, St. Hill, still in, Clear #100.

So, out of the first hundred “Clears” an astonishing number, 52,  were vile enemies of humanity.  So Saith the Great L. Ron Hubbard.  Nor is there any record of extreme longevity in this group.  Granted, these clears were made a good many years ago, yet the ones who have passed on were, if anything, on the younger side of mortality expectations.  It also looks like these important people were bypassed by fame and fortune.  There are no great captains of industry here, or great artists or thinkers or scientists of any sort.  All in all in is a pretty tame bunch considering what was expected of them.

To read more on Dianetics, Clears and early Scientology read Jeff Jacobsen’s “The Hubbard is Bare.”

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*  Hubbard’s first attempt at producing a Clear was a ghastly failure.  This from the Wikipedia,

“There are several conflicting accounts of who first attained the state of Clear, and under what circumstances. In August 1950, amidst the success of Dianetics, Hubbard held a demonstration in Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium where he presented a young woman called Sonya Bianca (a pseudonym) to a large audience including many reporters and photographers as ‘the world’s first Clear.’ However, despite Hubbard’s claim that she had “full and perfect recall of every moment of her life”, Bianca proved unable to answer questions from the audience testing her memory and analytical abilities, including the question of the color of Hubbard’s tie.”