Actor Johnny Lewis; Murder, Death and Scientology.

The main product of Scientology over the years has been lawsuits and scandals.  Well, here is another scandal to lead to their long list of shame.  His parents work for a Scientology front group called, “Valley Life Improvement Center,” located in Granada Hills, CA.

Police think 28-year-old Johnny Lewis, who starred in Sons of Anarchy, killed his landlord who was in her 80s and her cat,beat up a painter and gave a 75-year-0ld man a black eye, then he may have taken his own life.

Here’s what we’ve been able to piece together:

  • Johnny dated Katy Perry in 2005 for a year. According to Us, Katy is “devastated” about his death.

  • The actor belonged to the Church of Scientology — the same church Tom Cruise and John Travolta attend.

  • An unconfirmed TMZ report says Johnny may have been on crystal meth or PCP

  • Other reports say Johnny may have been under the influence of the designer drug, Smiles, a hallucinogen

  • The troubled man has an arrest record — he was arrested three times this past year.

  • He was released from jail just five days before the rampage.

  • Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, released this statement: “not sure if folks know this yet, but johnny  lewis (halfsack) died last night. the sad irony of it happening two days  after opie’s death is not lost on me. it was a tragic end for an  extremely talented guy, who unfortunately had lost his way. i wish i  could say that i was shocked by the events last night, but i was not. i  am deeply sorry that an innocent life had to be thrown into his  destructive path. yes, it’s day or mourning, but it’s also a day of  awareness and gratitude. sadly, some of us carry the message by dying.”

  • Actress Shannon Woodward  tweeted Johnny was “very, very ill” and “his actions were a despicable result of that. It was not who he was.”

  • Police don’t have motive for murder.

    The above is from the web site RumorFix,

    If he sought help for his drug addiction in Scientology he was looking in the wrong place.  Scientology methods for treating drug addiction are based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard; in other words he was looking for help in a bucket of mud.

    At the main Scientology detox center in Oklahoma there have been THREE deaths in the space of a year.  For more on this go here:

    Just how crazy is Scientology’s drug rehab program?  It is every bit as nuts as any other part of Scientology.  For a look at this dangerous insanity take a gander at this from the Wikipedia:

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Portland, Oregon. Anyone want to buy an org?

In January 2008 the Church of Scientology, Portland, Oregon bought the twelve story Stevens Building.   This was announced with all of the fanfare and PR noise that the cult could summon.  They claim to have some 1,200 members in Portland.

But just two years later, after a lot of the usual savage fundraising by the cult it was announced, with less fanfare, that Scientology was selling the building.  Not only were they selling but the asking price was $430,000 below the price that they bought it for!!  And the reason that was given for this sale was one that caused a lot of distress from laughter among Scientology watchers; according to the resident Scientology PR liar, was that the building was too small!!

The membership in Portland is probably in the same league with most other large US cities.  In other words there are a couple of hundred active members at most.  As to the money from the fundraising that money will not be seen in Portland any time soon.  The locals will have to eat the loss from the sale of Stevens Building and after that, nobody knows for sure.  But it is a safe bet that a much smaller building will be used.  For more on this story go here:

Above, the Cincinnati Org at night, a very impressive sign.  And the even better news is that this picture is the real thing; it has not been tampered with!

The only fly in the ointment is the fact that the Cincinnati Org is located about 20 miles south in the city of Florence, in the great state of Kentucky.  Recently the Scientologists of Cincinnati sold the building that they completely owned, in a highly visible location, for a loss of half a million dollars all so that they could relocate into the middle of nowhere.

And the sign?  Yes, it is very impressive and no doubt the garbage collectors who travel to the rear of the building will be suitably awe-struck.  The sign is in the rear of the building facing the parking lot and dumpsters.

For more information go here:

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Scientology Fundraising; A Bonanza in New Orgs Pt. 2

If there is one thing that the shrinking cult of Scientology does not need it is more buildings.  Since membership has been in decline for many years now the existing premises are more than sufficient to hold whatever amount of publics that can be dragged to events.

But the myth that the Scientology is growing and gaining in its influence is too important to neglect.  So opening new “Idea Orgs has an important morale meaning to their membership.  Also, it would reflect poorly on the leadership abilities of David Miscavige to admit that they are indeed, shrinking in numbers.

But there is another item that seems to fly under the radar of the unsuspecting gullible members and that is that Scientology management always gets a slice of the action.  This happens everywhere but the most notable example is the “Super Power” building in Clearwater where they collected tens of millions of dollars beyond construction costs that went right into the coffers of Scientology.

Today’s “Ideal Org,” is to be found in the California city of Stephens Creek.  Once again the Scientology PR department paints a nice picture of the building that the public will rush to in order to get at L. Ron Hubbard’s “tech.” Below, the Stephens Creek org as shown by Scientology.

As it appears in Scientology publications.

What it really looks like.

This insignificant building is more than big enough to handle any influx of new members. Actually a WWII army surplus pup tent would be big enough to hold their new members.  More than likely this building will languish on for a time until at last it runs out of money to pay the taxes or the utilities.  We have seen this happen too many times in the past to think that this case will be any different.

  Regardless of the eventual fate of this new empty building it did serve a purpose in allowing cult members to use their wonderful tech of subterfuge.   Scientologists can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to lies and misrepresentation.  Not since the day of the old USSR were photographs ever manipulated as often and as shamelessly as this.

Do we have more examples of Scientology picture “tech?”  Yes we do, behold:

The Incredible Shrinking Board!!

Narconon is a Scientology front group (hidden behind yet another front group) that delivers a fake drug rehabilitation program based on the teachings of the famous lunatic L. Ron Hubbard.  They claim to be separate from Scientology but they get their marching orders from David Miscavige just as all Scientologists do.  Just like the lying thieves of the parent group Scientology; they are not about photoshopping pictures.l

Below is a picture of the Narconon Advisory Board from December of 1995.


 Back row: Ray Stowers, W. Kent McGregor, Vladimir Ivanov, David Root, Paolo Bruschelli.
Front row: William Marcus, Shelley Beckmann, Forest Tennant, Alfonso Paredes, Megan Shields, John Duff.

The above picture was used for years but in December of 2000 changes were made.  By December of 2000, John Duff was cropped from the right side of the picture, and Forest Tennant was Photoshopped right out of the middle!

Now two are gone!!

The above two members are joined by Vladimir Ivanov who quit.  So he is also made an un-person.


With three people now gone one would think that they would stop using that picture.  But you don’t know Scientology. Here they are again minus W. Kent McGregor.


Not only is Scientology shrinking in numbers they are apparently disappearing from history as well.  For more on this interesting subject go here:

Scientology Fundraising; A Bonanza in New Orgs.

True Scientologists don’t doubt for an instant that they are expanding.  After all, they see the proof of it in the Scientology magazines and promotional literature.  These new “Ideal Orgs,” are touted on the Scientology web sites.  And as we all know pictures don’t lie.  Here is a picture of the Mountainview, CA, org. in all of its glory:

Below are some recently taken pictures.

And a final view of this insignificant building.

THIS is the same building as in the promo piece?  Yep, it is.  Although is was a swindle on a local level it served a higher purpose.  Scientology made money on their slice of the local fundraising and people not from the area looking at the PR would be impressed as all hell!

The money made by Scientology from fleecing the local sheep must be significant since they are engaged in so many of these efforts.  The cult of Scientology would not scratch their collective butts unless they made money; they seldom feed oats to dead horses.

However wags are quick to call “Ideal Orgs” as “Idle Morgues.”  For more information on the cult of empty buildings and their “photo tech,” go here:

Photographic chicanery has been used by Scientology many times in the past; it is not a new practice by any means.  Here is a picture of L. Ron Hubbard speaking to an adoring crowd in front of St. Hill sometime during the early 1960’s.

Below, the same picture as it was printed in Scientology literature in 1985.  The people removed are thought to have quit Scientology which would make the “Supressive Persons,” or just “SPs.”

For more on the creative use of photographs in Scientology go here:

Can Scientology Cope in Copenhagen? .

Scientology has had an org in Copenhagen, Denmark for decades now.  At one time it was a thriving entity.  But how is it faring nowadays?  It seems like the “Golden Age of Tech” is a bit tarnished.  Here is the Copenhagen Org in all its glory.  Behold:

Gee whizz, that looks pretty bad for all of the money Scientology has raised in Denmark over the years.  Whatever they did with the money I can’t say except to make the obvious observation that they didn’t spend it in Copenhagen.

So where are the 8 million members that Scientology claims as members?  That is a mystery but we will keep on looking in city after city until we locate them. 

For more information on the astounding “growth” of Scientology go here:

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Pictures of Progress; the Expansion of Scientology.

Here is the Valley Org in Orange County, CA.  I should say that this is how it is in Scientology propaganda.  This is  heavily photoshopped of course.  Just how long is that building anyway??

The Promise.

Here is how it really looks.

The broken Promise.

As always Scientology tries to promote their image as a vibrant, growing and respected voice in the world.  This bird will never fly; the truth is that they are a shrinking and discredited group of fools serving a money-grubbing dictator.

But alas, there is nothing new under the sun, not even in Scientology. 

At an event in LA in 1999 Scientology released pictures from one of their big events.  Too bad that ex-member Arnie Lerma found after studying the pictures that the photos had been altered to fill up empty seats.  It was a terrible job of photoshopping but that is Scientology for you.  They are good a theft and extortion; not so good on other things.

The big event that was not.

Some people really lost their heads at this event!

Scientologists lack brains; in some cases they have no head at all !!

The audience went wild, some of the more advanced members were able to use their Scientology powers to be in two places at the same time.

Welcome to the rabbit hole of Scientology!  Hold on to your hats for one wild ride.

For the Washington Post article that covered this story go here:

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