The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part Three. Judges, Scientology Lies and Leaked E-Mails.

The 5 Worst Things Judges Have Said About Scientology

Scientology has been a steady customer of the legal profession ever since Hubbard raised his flag with Dianetics.   They have a view that because they are the only sane people on the face of the earth they are free to do whatever they want.  No matter if it is lies, cheating, fraud or whatever; they don’t have to obey “wog” rules.  The unfortunate judges that have had to deal with these loons over the years don’t have any kind words for the cult.  To read what the legal minds have to say go here:

 5 Biggest Lies in Scientology’s 2-Minute TV Ad

Scientology has always relied on lies to puff up its self-image.  Hubbard set the bar high by telling some real whoppers such as him being a “nuclear scientist,” when in fact he failed the only course he ever took on the subject.  But credit must be given to his later day followers who have managed to float a very impressive list of lies within the short compass of two minutes.   Here is the story:

 Scientology Internal E-Mails: Even More Depressing Than You Might Assume

When you read internal documents of Scientology it always comes down to either their overwhelming stupidity and incompetence or, as in this case, their unyielding greed.  There is never enough money to satisfy them and if you are down to your last penny they will take that too.  These quotes show where their mind is at.  Go here for the story.

The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part Two. Scientology Slave Ship, Real Stats & Film Stinker.

Over the years Tony Ortega has written many hard-hitting, humorous and soul-wrenching articles on the dizzy cult of Scientology.  Here we have three of my favorites.  The first concerns the Scientology “luxury” ship Freewinds.  This is where the members go to learn more about their super-powered OT courses that are supposed to give them powers that only gods can have.  They pay a lot to go there yet as always that are given the hard sell for even more courses, books, tapes and the like.  But conditions below decks are another matter.  A number of people have come forward to tell their stories, this is one of the best.  But first let’s look at a mailer that the cult has sent out.

Scientology Held Woman Aboard the Freewinds for 12 Years Against Her Will: Aussie TV

Captive on Scientology slave ship.

November 28, 2011.  To read the story go here:

Scientologists: How Many Of Them Are There, Anyway?

Scientology always tries to look bigger, and more important than it is.  Their claim of eight million members is a long-standing joke.

A gaudy display can’t hide their shrinking numbers.

July 4, 2011.

A sidebar to this is that Scientology has no shame when it comes to padding their membership numbers.  They have even doctored pictures to make it look like more members attended events than really were there.  This picture was in “The Washington Post,” June 6, 2009.”  The event however, took place in 1999.  Quote beneath the picture is from the newspaper article.

“Arnaldo Lerma magnifies the above photo of a December 28, 1999 Scientology event at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. He quickly discovers the image shows evidence of Photoshop “cloning.” In the cloning technique, details in one area of a photo are copied and then repeatedly pasted in another area to fill space. In this photo above, the cloning was used to copy individuals (see woman right of red patch)and repeatedly paste them to expand the audience.”

To read the full article go here:

Battlefield Earth: Still Making the World Safe From Scientology Nearly 12 Years Later (UPDATED)

A true nose-holder movie.

L. Ron Hubbard’s book “Battlefield Earth” had only one thing going for it; the book was so thick that it could have been used as a door-stop.  The film however, lacked even that one redeeming feature.  The critics went wild when they reviewed this stinker, seldom as any movie received such abuse.

To read Tony’s March 21 2012, take on this turkey go here:

The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part One. Top 25 people crippling Scientology.

  1. L. Ron Hubbard.
  2. David Miscavige.
  3. Marty Rathbun.
  4. Tom Cruise.
  5. Joe Childs and Tom Tobin.
  6. Anonymous.
  7. Mark Bunker.
  8. Mike Rinder.
  9. Jason Beghe.
  10. Lisa McPherson.  ttp://
  11. Nick Xemophon.
  12. Tommy Davis (has been replaced).
  13. Janet Reitman.
  14. Tory Christman.
  15. Andreas Heldal-lund.
  16. Marc Headley.
  17. Jeff Hawkins.
  18.  Amy Scobee.
  19. The Squirrel Busters.
  20. Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  21. Kendrick Moxon.
  22. Jamie DeWolfe.
  23. Ken Dandar.
  24. David Touretsky.
  25. Lord Xenu.

“Understanding the E-Meter,” . . . No “Science” in Scientology.

The Scientific howlers pronounced by L. Ron Hubbard are so many and varied that if you were to try to select one as the “best” or the “biggest.” you would be hard pressed to choose one.  After all, when Hubbard failed the subject of “nuclear physics,” at George Washington University he took his ignorance, tucked it under his arm, and carried it right into Scientology.

Auditing, the response to certain questions posed to the subject by another person is the main practice of Scientology.  To evaluate the subject’s response the person being audited will hold on to two metal “cans” attached to a small box known as an “E-Meter” or the “Hubbard electro-psychometer   This device was invented in the early 1950’s by Volney Mathison, a chiropractor.  From an engineering point of view it is simply a  Wheatstone bridge that measures a galvanic skin response to a small amount of electricity passed through the body.  There was nothing new in this, plans for similar devices were to be found in the popular pulp “do-it-yourself” magazines of that era as being a sort of primitive lie-detector.

At some point Hubbard discovered that he could make any claim he wanted no matter of foolish, stupid or asinine and his followers would believe it.  That is the only way that I can understand how a man who served in the US Navy, sailed boats, ships and yachts, and who was literate enough to have some college even if he didn’t graduate, could make the claim that people have the power to create mass, physical, detectable mass, using only thoughts and “mental powers.”  If I am wrong and L. Ron Hubbard honestly believed that it was not only possible to creat matter from “mental energy” then he was not just another charlatan.  No, in that case he would be just plain nuts.


The book herein being quoted is Understanding the E-Meter by L. Ron Hubbard, Bridge Publications, 1982.

 “In Scientology is has been discovered that mental energy is simply a finer, higher level of physical energy.  The test of this is conclusive in that a thetan “mocking up” (creating) mental image pictures and thrusting them into the body can increase the body mass and by casting them away again can decrease the body mass.  This test has actually been made and an increase of as much as thirty pounds, actually measured on scales, has been added to, and subtracted from, a body by creating ‘mental energy.’  Energy is energy,  matter is condensed energy.”

 Here some mope of a kid shows how this works.  Forget dieting, just lose weight from getting rid of the “mental energy.’

Above.  This chart shows it all.  By the same line of reasoning you could make your laptop lighter by simply dumping the files.

First the meter, then the salad.

Here Hubbard shows what an auditor can do if he tires of auditing people.  Rocks are next.

In Scientology the random swing of an E-Meter needle can land you in the cult prison for months or years.  Your whole life can depend on Hubbard’s junk science, but instead of a roll of the dice it is the twitch on a meter.   In the end this piece of junk science served on purpose and one purpose only; it lent a certain Scientific air to Scientology making it look like something that was built on hard facts.  Nothing, of course, could be farther from the truth.

For another take on the E-Meter, this time by a former Scientologist, Mark Plummer, go here.

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Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 17

From the Co$ magazine “Advance!”, #130, pgs.22-23, under the heading of “OT Phenomena.”

This is one of the better OT stories as it concerns time travel. A certain contributor listed as “C.C.” gets saved from becoming road kill by “Special OT abilities.” . . .Huh?    That’s right, time travel saved someones life. According to the story some poor sap wasn’t watching where he was going and bumbled into the street directly into the path of, “A huge truck.”  Without batting an eye this mental powerhouse saved his/her life by the simple but effective means of manipulating time.    “. . . truck was about to hit. I made the decision instantly to turn back time.”  Shortly thereafter this time traveler was “. . . standing by the door I’d left not 10 seconds before-completely unscathed.” Needless to say the author reports being “Very pleased” with his/her new and superior OT abilities.

 Shucks, who wouldn’t be pleased?

No time machine needed by OTs who can travel at will with just a thought.

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Scientology at sea; OTs before the mast; Miscavige on the poop deck.


The ship of death and slavery.


This is a sales pitch by Scientology to pry more money from the shrinking band of followers.  It is couched in Scientology terms but it is still a pitch to separate you from your money which is what the cult is about anyway.  But the Freewinds is a lot more than a destination for fools as we will show in other clips.  Get the popcorn and soda out and enjoy a Scientology ride.

The Scientology ship Freewinds sails from port to port in the Caribbean Sea.  Her mission is to teach the upper lever or “Operating Tetan” courses and related courses and lecture.  Going on such a trip in not cheap when you consider that it takes years of study and tens of thousands of dollars spent on books, tapes courses and outright donations.  But the rewards are high.  As on OT you will be able to perform many marvels and miracles such as mind reading, talking with dead spirits, remote viewing and even more mundane things like talking to inanimate objects and driving cars without needed electrical parts.  There is no known limits to an OT’s powers.  This post is meant to be a celebration of those powers.  But first we need to backtrack a bit and look at the purchase of the vessel.  Ship architect Lawrence Woodcraft warned the people in charge of buying this vessel that she was covered in asbestos from bow to stern.

Later Scientology had to remove the asbestos at a huge cost.  Did they get it all?  I hope so.  It is a sad fact that many Scientologist who worked and travelled on the Freewinds will some day die a painful death from ruined lungs because of the fools in Scientology management.  Hubbard claimed that he understood the reason for cancer and his followers could avoid this dred disease.  Yeah.  Well, Scientologists, no matter what courses they have taken, die all the time from cancer.

The ship of death is also a slave ship.

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The Battle of San Antonio; Scientology Renews the Assault.

Muzzel loaders against OTs and fund raisers.

There is no date as to the release of this movie but we do know who some of the stars are that will be in it.  Some big names will get some rather paltry parts but hey, that’s history!!

David Miscavige played by Emlio Echevarra.

Billy Bob Thornton plays Mike Rinder.

Patrick Wilson plays Marty Rathbun

Capt. Debbie Cook as played by Dame Judi Dench.

For more on this screen play and the reviews go here:

And here:


We will add updates as soon as they are available, this is one movie you don’t want to miss.

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