Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General, Takes Campaign Money From Scientologists.


Florida Attorney General trains for her new role in carrying water for the cult of Scientology.

Floridians have recently been perplexed with the actions of their State’s Attorney in fighting to ban gay marriage even though the tide of public opinion is flowing against her.  Not only has public opinion changed on this volatile issue the courts have now been ruling time after time to allow gay marriage.  Many question the wisdom, and the expense, of fighting a rearguard action in a lost cause.

While many would condemn her for these futile battles it is possible to understand why she does it.  Maybe she has strict religious motives or, as a political figure she finds it expedient to reflect the values of her party base.  These are rational explanations of her position that we can all understand even if we don’t agree with her.  It is much harder though, to find any rational or moral high ground whatsoever in her accepting campaign donations from Scientologists.  Here is a link to an article on this subject that appeared in The Tampa Bay Times. and this one from New Times Blog.

So why get upset about that?  Aren’t people of any religion, even one for tax purposes like Scientology, able to donate to whomever they wish? Yes, certainly.  But such is the tyrannical authority that Scientology holds over its followers that the support for a political candidate, especially when that turns into financial support, would have to come from the highest levels within the group.

So what would Scientology expect to get from supporting a candidate for Attorney General?  The short answer is that Scientology itself, or via one of its many front groups, is always fighting somebody in court.  For a more detailed answer take a look at Scientology and its history.

Before I go any farther I would introduce you to Dr. David Minkoff, a Scientologist and donor to Pam Bondi’s campaign.  He lost his licence to practice medicine for a year due to his role in the death of Lisa McPherson, a fellow Scientologist in Clearwater, FL.


 To learn more about this tragic affair in which a 36-year-old woman died for no good reason other than the crass stupidity and negligence of Scientology follow this link.


Wherever you find Scientology you will also see

Scandals, lawsuits and unexplained deaths. 


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L. Ron Hubbard.

The dubious prodigy, wives, writing, stolen valor, empire builder and recluse.

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BEYOND BELIEF: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenn Miscavige Hill


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Camilla Andersson, 29 Years in the Sea Org. Ex-Scientologist Story #446.


Camilla Andersson enlisted in the Sea Org when she was only 17 years, she was a second generation Scientologist.  She worked her way to the top of Scientology only to learn the the high you fly in that cult the more severe your punishments will be if you screw up.  Of course that means you.  For one mistake Camilla ended up sleeping for a night in a tree.  Such is the fate of those who find themselves in Hubbard’s dry land navy.  

Want more?  Try this.


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