2014, “Scientology Under Seige.”


2014 Scientology Under Siege

The year 2014 was not a good one for the cult of Scientology. They have been pummeled in the press and cornered in the court room. Mike Rinder, former head of the cult’s OSA Int. has chronicled the failure of the “Ideal Orgs.” as well as the under-handed methods used by Scientology to pry money loose from its shrinking band of members. His blog  is the best of its kind. http://www.mikerindersblog.org/ The question that will be most asked at this time of the year is, “What was the most significant event that took place during the past year?” That is as difficult to answer as it would be to find Shelly Miscavige, the missing wife of Scientology dictator David Miscavige.. After all, there are the empty course rooms to consider, the sale of the future Boston Ideal Org, (premises too SMALL the cult claims,) as well as the moribund condition of the other orgs, especially the one in Pasadena, not to mention demise or rather consolidation, of one of the oldest orgs in the LA area. While the continued demise of Scientology has picked up some speed this past year to my mind the most significant event is the  

Decline and Fall of Narconon

At this moment their flagship facility, Narconon Arrowhead, located in Oklahoma, is on life support, the number of strange deahs at that facility was enough to motivate the state legislature to enact new laws to close the loophole that allowed Narconon to  operate for so many years under the radar.  This once big cash cow of Scientology is now losing tens of thousands of dollars a week. How long this retreat into the red ink will continue is unknown. Sooner or later Scientology will have to pull the plug on this white elephant although there is talk of turning it into a halfway house. How the mighty have fallen.  The suits against Narconon and its Scientology parent organizations hit an all-time high during 2014 with one lawyer alone accounting for some 25 suits. Tony Ortega has kept an eye on this: http://tonyortega.org/2014/12/23/scientologys-2014-in-review-march Finding reasons to sue Narconon has never been hard considering it is all a money-making scam by Scientology whose teachings might drive a person towards drugs but offer only limp Scientology methods to treat addiction, none of which is based on science. The problem has always been finding brave people willing to stand up and tell their story, and of course getting attorneys willing to fight the cult. This has become easier and easier as Scientology has been shown up to be the cowards that they are. The weakness of the cult has extended to their legal arm, for all of their bluster the cult is just another toothless paper tiger. Even more damaging is the suit brought forward by the National Association of Forensic Counselors against the entire Narconon drug facility network, their parent organizations and many individuals for, among other things, copyright infringement. The suit claims that employees of Narconon put false credentials in their offices. Again, Tony Ortega has covered this suit which has the potential to give Scientology another even larger, PR black eye. http://tonyortega.org/2014/05/19/scientologys-drug-rehab-network-sued-for-conspiring-to-misuse-counseling-credentials/ 2014 has seen the continuation of Scientology’s attempt to stamp out dissent by harassing former members.  The wife of Marty Rathbon, Monique, brought suit against the cult for pestering her via their screwball “Squirrel Busters.”  This case is a long way from going before a jury due to the delaying tactics of the cult but enough information comes out now and again to help blacken the cult’s name.  Here is a link to Marty’s blog, as the former Inspector General of Scientology his words carry weight.  http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/ Former Scientology bigwig Mike Rinder takes a sour view of Scientology’s chances for 2015 in his blog.  http://tonyortega.org/2015/01/05/former-spokesman-mike-rinder-describes-scientologys-dismal-options/

UPDATE:   http://narcononreviews.net/narconon-reviews/newly-published-dox-survey-responses-and-pages-oh-my/

2015 Starts

Apocalypse Now

HBO Releases “Going Clear” by Alex Gibney

Based on the book, “Going Clear” by Lawrence Wright.

A media firestorm follows the release of the film at the Sundance Film Frestival.  

Scientology pummeled in the press and thenmakes things a whole lot worse by attacking the attackers.  Here is a small sample of this most recent Scientology mega PR disaster.

Sundance: Scientology Film Subjects Called “Brave,” Get Standing Ovation   The Hollywood Reporter

5 Surprising Revelations From HBO’s New Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’   Alternet

5 big revelations in HBO’s new Scientology documentary ‘Going Clear’ Raw Story

Sundance: HBO’s Scientology Exposé Going Clear Is Jaw-Dropping  Vulture 

Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Claims the Church Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman  The Daily Beast

How did Scientology respond?  The same old way it always does.

Scientology Is Now Trying To Bully Film Critics Over “Going Clear” The Daily Banter

Scientology Drags Out Old Playbook In Response To New Exposé  Addicting Info

Former high-ranking Scientologist Mike Rinder takes a shot at his old boss David Miscavige and his handling of the most recent disaster for Scientology. 

Scientology Cowards


As the dismal year for Scientology got off to a bang writerscontinue to pour gasoline on the flames.


Janet Charlton’s Hollywood.

One of Scientology’s front groups gets caught out.

Parents Outraged After Scientology-Sponsored Group Delivers Anti-Drug Messages At New York City Schools

  IBT News

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