Ex-Scientologist story #363, The Riverside Raid; Fraud & Abuse.

Gay Anne Marie Doucette felt that she had been swindled.  She had good reason to think so for she was dealing with Scientology, a money-grubbing scheme designed to empty your bank account.  This is from 1979 yet the very same thing is being done today.  When the cult tries to lie their way out of a predicament by saying. “we don’t do that anymore” or “we got rid of those people,” don’t fall for it.  These people are some of the biggest liars on earth.  The following is from “The LA Times,” June, 14, 1979.

Riverside Mission is Searched for Evidence of False Loan Scheme

Sheriff’s deputies seized 17 boxes of documents from the Riverside mission of the Church of Scientology Wednesday in a search for evidence that possibly as many as 100 past and current members fraudulently obtained bank loans and then gave the money to Scientology.

Gay Anne Marie Doucette, 30, told sheriff’s deputies she obtained a $6,500 bank loan at the behest of a church staff member who allegedly told her around April, 1976, to use her house as collateral and use false sums of money on the loan application.

Staff member Jeff Kovack was said to have told Miss Doucette to put her monthly income on the loan application as $450 rather than the $297 she actually received from Social Security.

“Kovack advised Miss Doucette that he would take care of having the church verify the $450 amount by telling them that she was employed as a baby sitter for other church members and earned approximately $250 a month for this service,” Jensen’s affidavit said.

Later feeling that she had been “swindled,” Jensen said, she sought to have her house and money returned to her. Instead, she allegedly was physically restrained from leaving the mission by church members and taken against her will to the home of Thomas Steiner, head of the mission, where she was kept for a day before being released.

More than two dozen Riverside County sheriff’s deputies spent six hours searching through the offices of the mission for tax, payroll and other records on 20 named individuals who, an informant asserts, took part in the alleged scheme.

Riverside Sheriff’s Capt. Jack Reid said authorities have no idea how much money may have been fraudulently obtained. But there is reason to believe, he said, some loans as high as $10,000 were obtained by Scientologists by making allegedly false financial statements—subsequently verified by church officials—on loan applications to banks and finance companies.

Although only 20 names plus the informant’s are cited in the court-approved search warrant authorizing the seizure, Reid said he has information the practice of filing fraudulent loan applications was a common one and as many as 100 persons may be involved.

For the full story go here:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/news/library-item.php?iid=2200

Here is a related story from 8-15-79  http://www.xenu-directory.net/news/library-item.php?iid=2204

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