The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part Two. Scientology Slave Ship, Real Stats & Film Stinker.

Over the years Tony Ortega has written many hard-hitting, humorous and soul-wrenching articles on the dizzy cult of Scientology.  Here we have three of my favorites.  The first concerns the Scientology “luxury” ship Freewinds.  This is where the members go to learn more about their super-powered OT courses that are supposed to give them powers that only gods can have.  They pay a lot to go there yet as always that are given the hard sell for even more courses, books, tapes and the like.  But conditions below decks are another matter.  A number of people have come forward to tell their stories, this is one of the best.  But first let’s look at a mailer that the cult has sent out.

Scientology Held Woman Aboard the Freewinds for 12 Years Against Her Will: Aussie TV

Captive on Scientology slave ship.

November 28, 2011.  To read the story go here:

Scientologists: How Many Of Them Are There, Anyway?

Scientology always tries to look bigger, and more important than it is.  Their claim of eight million members is a long-standing joke.

A gaudy display can’t hide their shrinking numbers.

July 4, 2011.

A sidebar to this is that Scientology has no shame when it comes to padding their membership numbers.  They have even doctored pictures to make it look like more members attended events than really were there.  This picture was in “The Washington Post,” June 6, 2009.”  The event however, took place in 1999.  Quote beneath the picture is from the newspaper article.

“Arnaldo Lerma magnifies the above photo of a December 28, 1999 Scientology event at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. He quickly discovers the image shows evidence of Photoshop “cloning.” In the cloning technique, details in one area of a photo are copied and then repeatedly pasted in another area to fill space. In this photo above, the cloning was used to copy individuals (see woman right of red patch)and repeatedly paste them to expand the audience.”

To read the full article go here:

Battlefield Earth: Still Making the World Safe From Scientology Nearly 12 Years Later (UPDATED)

A true nose-holder movie.

L. Ron Hubbard’s book “Battlefield Earth” had only one thing going for it; the book was so thick that it could have been used as a door-stop.  The film however, lacked even that one redeeming feature.  The critics went wild when they reviewed this stinker, seldom as any movie received such abuse.

To read Tony’s March 21 2012, take on this turkey go here:

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