The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part Four. The Whole of the Hole, Child Slaves, Hidden Files in Italy.

Mike Rinder on “The Hole,” Indoctrination, Confessions, and His Ultimate Escape.

by Tony Ortega, 4-4-12.

At Int. base near Hemet, California Davy Miscavige keeps his underlings in a prison where he subjects them to every form of humiliation and torment.  He does this without regard to their service for Scientology or their age.  In his eyes all are guilty until proven otherwise.  And since he is never wrong there is no chance of getting out except for escape.  That is just what Mike Rinder did, escape.  His story is a chilling one.   To read the full story go here:

David Miscavige has studied the evil parts of history. The “Black Hole,” of Calcutta was his model on how to treat your underlings.

Scientology’s Shocking Treatment of Children Held in a Suburban Labor Camp.

By Tony Ortega, 2-15-2012.

Repeatedly we hear accusations of child exploitation in Scientology.  Some of these stories are fully corroborated and are of such a nature as to make us wonder how they can get away with such things?  It is like a page out of Dickens’.  This particular story comes from Sydney, Australia.

Scientology marches backwards in time to exploit children.

Scientology Raided in Italy, Stash of Personal Records on ‘Enemies’ Found.

by Tony Ortega, 5-21-10.

L. Ron Hubbard was a good hater who never lacked for enemies either within the cult or without of it.  His opinion was always the same on how to deal with these naughty little rascals.  Get them quick, let none escape and get them ruined as thoroughly as possible.  He said it was ok to lie, cheat, sue and trick them.  His “fair game” doctrine has been one of the hallmarks of Scientology.  But sometimes that can get them in hot water as in this case.  For the full story go here:

Scientology, the “get even often” religion.

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